Dunkin's Stuffer Toy

Dunkin's Stuffer Toy



Hand-sewn in New Hampshire, Dunkin's Stuffer Toy was designed by the owner of the company to help teach her dog, Dunkin, to tug. This dog toy has a soft, plush pouch on the end with a Velcro-opening on the side so that you can stuff it with food, squeakers, or whatever else your dog likes.

The handle of the toy is made from braided fleece and furry fleece, which is not only comfortable on your hand, but also helps encourage your dog to move from tugging on just the pouch, to tugging on the braided fleece. You'll stimulate your dog's food and prey drive at the same time, and help him learn to play and tug with you.

The pouch is 5" x 4.75" and the braided fleece handle is 18-20" long. Assorted color combinations, and assorted fleece types; please allow us choose for you.

Made in the USA.

Note: Food-stuffable toys are intended to be interactive toys that are always used in supervised play and training. Because your dog will desperately want to eat what's inside, these toys should never be left unattended with the dog.

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Perfect for 4kg Toy Poodle
My little 1 year old Toy Poodle goes crazy for this toy. It’s just the right length to play tug on a queen size bed before we sleep :) The softness and stretchiness gives her a great satisfying tug, she loves both ends of it as well as the pouch and the soft braided rope. As well as training treats I put some sushi seaweed in the pouch because it’s nice and smelly and crinkly to make it soooo enticing , she goes nuts :) :)
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Amazing Toy
Really excellent toy. All the material used is super soft so very gentle on young or older dogs mouths. It's very robust and easily tucks in to your pocket. I would highly recommend this toy for any dog as much more gentle on gums and teeth when playing a tug game.
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