Easiest Way to Running Contacts DVD

Easiest Way to Running Contacts DVD



Author: Silvia Trkman
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour
Release Date: 2018

Silvia's first running contacts DVD, Running Contacts That Make You Smile, has been discontinued and replaced with this DVD. The Easiest Way to Running Contacts demonstrates how Silvia has incorporated mat work into training running contacts to make the process shorter and easier on dogs' bodies. Her new techniques limit the time on actual equipment to a minimum, and allow you to train anytime, anywhere. So if you have limited access to a dogwalk your training can proceed regardless! You can master turns and straight exits off the contacts, with all possible handling choices afterward, using just a mat and well before introducing the dogwalk and A-frame.

Silvia says that the changes were made thanks to her puppy who can be a bit crazy at times. She wanted to avoid doing the dogwalk for as long as possible and to avoid thrown and static toys because the dog was a bit wild picking those up so Silvia was concerned about her body. Plus, Silvia is always testing new things and improving things!

By focusing on understanding right from the start, the entire process goes faster, but still allows you to work with lots of speed before adding a dogwalk into the picture. 

This DVD covers training both the dogwalk and A-frame. It is appropriate for total beginners as well as anyone retraining or trying to improve their running contacts.

About the Author
Silvia Trkman has been in agility since 1992. She is a 22-time national champion of Slovenia, with five different dogs of three different breeds, and a 19-time World Team member, with five different dogs. Silvia has won the FCI Agility World Championships three times, with two different dogs. She is a five-time European Open winner with four different dogs. Her training methods are best known for producing fast, happy, and healthy dogs, tight turns and, of course, running contacts.

Average Rating
5/5 with 2 reviews

EXCELLENT explanations and troubleshooting... a must-have
this is a *terrific* dvd (all of hers are, but this one especially!). Nobody explains things as clearly and intelligently as Silvia. The part that particularly did it for me was when she shows how to deal with a dog who will not drive straight ahead from a mat contact, which was a perpetual roadblock for my young dog. Her solution of teaching turns *first* and then widening the dog's path out to eventually straight, while still just running across a mat on the ground, still seems counterintuitive to me but BOY did it ever make sense to the dog! :) Very highly recommend this dvd!
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Easy to follow
I really like Silvia's discussion of the step process. She has been a great resource as well if I have had any questions.
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