Fishbone Braided Fleece Tug Leash - Turquoise & Lime, 4ft.

Fishbone Braided Fleece Tug Leash - Turquoise & Lime, 4ft.



Our 4'-long Fishbone Braided Fleece Leashes feature high-quality colored fleece braided together with 1/4" nylon cord in a fishbone or fishtail pattern. This braiding technique creates a very strong leash with less stretch than a traditional braided fleece leash. In addition, the fishbone braiding creates a more intricate-looking pattern and the braid is flatter than a round braid, giving it a very nice "feel" in your hands.

This leash is acceptable under AKC agility rules.

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Cute and comfortable in my hands
I bought this leash for agility. My girl does not tug on it (as I am sure some dogs do) but it is cute (she is the "teal dog"), comfortable in my hands, sturdy with the braided cord (so it does not stretch) and different from most of the other leashes we see locally. I did put my initials on the little fleece tags so I don't lose it!
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