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Flexiness DonutDisc

Flexiness DonutDisc


Aqua Pink

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Flexiness fitness products were created by a canine physiotherapist and certified canine fitness trainer in Switzerland.

The Flexiness DonutDisc can be used for weight-bearing exercises, balance training, and core training for performance dogs. Changing the amount of air in the disc will encourage your dog to engage different muscles to maintain balance. The micro-movements created in the body from the act of balancing will strengthen the core and limbs. Use separately or combine multiple discs (or other fitness props) to create many different exercises.

How is the DonutDisc different from a traditional balance disc? The air is distributed more evenly through the donut hole in the middle. This means that if the dog is standing with only one paw on it, the other side of the disc does not go up as extremely as happens with a round balance disc. The hole in the disc also poses an additional challenge to the dog and provides other exercise options.

The Flexiness DonutDisc is made of a very stable PVC. The material is much softer than that of the Flexiness TwinDisc. Make sure that your dog’s nails are trimmed before training. 

The disc is approximately 15.75″ in diameter and 4" high (40 cm ×10 cm).

Note: Flexiness DonutDiscs are shipped uninflated. An air pump with a needle attachment (sold separately) is required to inflate.

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