Flexiness TwinDisc - Original

Flexiness TwinDisc - Original


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Flexiness fitness products were created by a canine physiotherapist and certified canine fitness trainer in Switzerland. The products have been designed specifically for dogs; they are not human products that have been adapted for dogs.

The Flexiness TwinDisc can be used for balance training, core strengthening, proprioception training, and dozens and dozens of exercises.It is lower to the ground than other fitness props, and can even be used without inflation if you desire. Inflate the TwinDisc to change the balance challenge. Sensory bumps provide neural stimulation. There are pointier and more closely spaced sensory bumps on one side of the TwinDisc and flatter more loosely spaced ones on the other.

The TwinDisc is 21.65"L x 12.6"W x 2.36"H. Its shape provides a more defined area for foot position than other balance props. For balance and core strengthening, small dogs can stand with all four paws on a TwinDisc. For larger dogs, use two TwinDiscs, one under your dog's front legs and one under his rear legs. Use just one TwinDisc to work on forward and backward weight-shift.

Note: Flexiness TwinDiscs are shipped uninflated. An air pump with a needle attachment (sold separately) is required to inflate.

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