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Foundations Revisited DVD

Foundations Revisited DVD



Author: Silvia Trkman
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Release Date: 2019
Extras: Includes a PDF file with maps of the exercises and sequences

Six years after Silvia Trkman's first Foundations DVD, she's released a new version that includes all of the important things she's learned in the last six years, as well as adaptations for the new challenges agility courses are presenting. Foundations Revisited contains all new video material, many new topics, a bit different order and emphasis, and tons of new challenges! The hardest part of this project was fitting all the information into 100 minutes!

The Foundations Revisited DVD pretty much covers it all:

  • Getting a puppy interested in playing with you
  • Getting a puppy to fetch
  • Getting interest in a static toy
  • Building rock-solid stays
  • Warm-ups and cool downs
  • All the steps toward creating tight turns
  • Sends
  • Independent pushes, threadles, and serpentines
  • Building a great come to hand behavior
  • Verbal discrimination
  • Obstacle discrimination
  • Tunnel sends
  • Traps and turns (hard and soft turns)
  • Extension and collection
  • Different crosses and handling
  • Seesaw, weaves, tire, long, double and wall jump
  • How to choose sequences and adjust them to your dog
  • How to handle mistakes
  • And more!

The DVD takes you through 6 stages, from pre-obstacle work to sequences and coursework.

About the Author
Silvia Trkman has been in agility since 1992. She is a 22-time national champion of Slovenia, with five different dogs of three different breeds, and a 20-time World Team member (usually with at least two dogs at a time). Silvia has won the FCI Agility World Championships three times, with two different dogs. She is a five-time European Open winner, with four different dogs. Her training methods are best known for producing fast, happy, and healthy dogs, tight turns and running contacts.

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