Fox 40 Sonik Blast Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard

Fox 40 Sonik Blast Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard


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Advanced science and technology make the Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG the most efficient and loudest whistle in its class. The patented pealess whistle emits sound power of +120dB. This whistle is extremely easy to blow and cannot be overblown—the harder you blow, the louder the whistle blast. The clear, loud blast of the Sonik Blast CMG carries over long distances. Precise whistle chamber calibration assures pure frequency performance and a crisp sound. This whistle won't freeze, stick, or jam; and it works wet or dry. Features a cushioned mouth grip and high-quality breakaway lanyard in a color that matches the whistle. Fox 40 pealess whistles are the preferred choice for professionals, rescue workers, boaters, and for individual safety use.

"There is NO doubt whatsoever—utterly no question that the Sonik Blast is the absolute winner. It is truly a vast improvement over the Fox 40 Classic, and beats all the others [whistles] hands down. There is a certain "secondary" harmonic, or tone that the Sonik Blast whistle emits, which somehow makes the blast more shrill, more noticeable, and farther-carrying than the others (a great thing!) This was especially noticeable when we left the street, and blew the whistles on the canyon-side of our house (I live up in Hollywood Hills, a few thousand feet from the Hollywood Sign). Much to my surprise and delight, there was an enormous amount of echo and "bounce" that was produced by the Sonik Blast when we blew it into these canyons. The sound carried nicely for a few seconds after we stopped blowing it - it just "hung" up there in the air, really echoing for a while. This is a great emergency or rescue whistle.

Another virtue of the Sonik Blast is that you do NOT have to over-blow this whistle! Fairly effortless to produce a shrill, piercing sound.

I am a master falconer and free-fly hawks, falcons and other birds, and will use the whistle to recall birds that have travelled over great distances. The Sonik Blast is an amazing whistle and should be of value in multiple uses (sports, bird-calling, rescue & more)."

Bruce Mahler, Master Falconer, Actor (Police Academy, Seinfeld)
Hollywood, California

What does an official look for in a whistle? Obviously if you get a large crowd you need a whistle that will stop the game—especially in a high school game. We don't have the luxury of where the game clock stops when you blow into a whistle that is connected to a microphone.
Another thing officials wlll like about the Fox 40 Sonik Blast is that it is easy to blow giving a lot more loud noise with out much effort at all. When you are running up and down the floor an easier to blow whistle will make it a lot better in conditions like that. Also we look for comfort in holding it in the mouth. The Sonik Blast has a very nice lip to it. Fox 40 has really worked hard to getting this whistle to be right I think they have done a fabulous job with it and I let them know that. There is no question that by far this is the best manufactured whistle in the entire country. To me it sounds double of the old whistle. The sound is much more high pitched with more of a tone to it and louder. The difference is like wow. There is really no comparison!

Kevin "Bo" Anderson, High School & College Basketball Official
Huntington, WV
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