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Carbohydrates are stored in muscle as glycogen. Muscle uses glycogen during the initial moments of activity and for bursts of speed and power (primarily fueling fast twitch fibers). Glycogen stores are relatively small and can be rapidly depleted leading to muscle weakness and fatigue. To improve the working dog’s use of carbohydrates, handlers should focus on replenishing glycogen stores and slowing glycogen depletion.

Developed by Dr. Angie Untisz, each Glyco-gen Energy Bone is made up of 14 grams of Energy Edge's Glyco-gen Energy Shake that has been compressed into a waterless serving so that it's even easier to target your canine athlete's energy level. One bone per 20 lbs. of body weight given within 30 minutes of the end of exercise is all it takes. This product contains only three ingredients!

Made in the USA. 

Packaging: Resealable bag contains 25 bones.

Ingredients: Dextrans Dried Whey, Vanilla flavor.

Feeding Guidelines: Administer 1 Glyco-gen Energy Bone per 20 lbs. within 30 minutes of the end of exercise.

Doesn't sugar/starch do the same thing?

Sugars (glucose, fructose, corn syrup) are very hydrophilic. That means they need to be given with large amounts of water or they may draw water into the gut from the body. In some dogs this causes gastric upset (vomiting/diarrhea) and even dehydration! Starches (bread, potatoes, rice, barley) require digestion to break them down into sugars that can be absorbed. This process takes time and, unfortunately, the window of opportunity to utilize the GLUT4 pathway closes long before the starch can be fully digested.

What's so bad about insulin?

Insulin is necessary to transport sugars into cells. As long as enough sugar is present, the body is balanced. Unfortunately, the sugar level in the blood drops before the insulin level, resulting in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Hypoglycemia causes fatigue and a sluggish response to commands. This effect is especially evident when large doses of sugar (or starches) are given.

Why doesn't maltodextrin release insulin?

Maltodextrin is not a sugar. It is a small complex carbohydrate that doesn’t trigger the release of insulin.

When do I give Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones?

Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones should be given within 30 minutes of exercise. A second dose 45-60 minutes later may provide additional benefit to a very exhausted dog. In addition, if a dog tends to get exhausted during work, a half-dose given 15-20 minutes before work could prove helpful.

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