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Hands-Free Leash Belt

Hands-Free Leash Belt


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Now multi-tasking is easy with the Leash Belt from Squishy Face Studio. It connects to any leash with a loop handle, allowing hands-free walking while also giving you peace of mind that you can't accidentally drop the leash. The Leash Belt also makes walking your dog easier since it spreads out your dog's pulling force over a 2"-wide belt that goes around your hips—right at your center of gravity. This gives you better balance and takes stress of your arm and shoulder. And, if you're training a puppy on your walks, this leash allows you to easily hold a clicker and treats.

Here are some features that make this Hands-Free Leash Belt the best on the market:

  • Can be used with any leash that has a loop handle
  • Made in the USA using materials tested for strength and durability
  • Simple, easy-to-use design with quick release buckle closures
  • Comfortable, 2"-wide belt won't dig in like more narrow belts do
  • Can be used for walking, running, hiking, biking, hunting, and training
  • Great for hands-free obedience training to keep dogs close and under control
  • More easily walk multiple dogs—you can clip multiple leashes to the belt
  • Compatible with clip-on pouches for treats or waste bags

Measure around your hips at their widest point and choose one of the following  adjustable sizes:

  • Small-Medium: adjusts from 29"-42"
  • Medium-Large: adjusts from 35"-54"

Important! A leash is NOT included with the Leash Belt.

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