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How To Be a Concept Trainer - Audio Book

How To Be a Concept Trainer - Audio Book



Subtitle: Shaping Your Dog's Personality Through Games
Author: Tom Mitchell BSc BVSc MRCVS
Format: MP3

Does your dog get so excited that he struggles to focus and process what you want him to do?

Does your dog get frustrated when you are training a new exercise?

Does your dog go into a new environment fearing that something scary may happen?

These three differing scenarios, which can apply equally to both performance dogs and companion dogs, are real barriers to learning, and can also harm your relationship with your dog. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In How to be a Concept Trainer, vet and behaviorist Tom Mitchell reveals his novel approach to training—and it’s all about playing games!

Mitchell has thrown away the rule book on behavior problem solving and shows you how to mold your dog's personality just by playing with him. He has developed specific games that work on underlying emotional issues and encourage dogs to make the "right" decisions. In this book, Mitchell equips us with the tools to manipulate our dog’s mindset and turn negative traits into positive ones so our dogs can reach their full potential.

Question all you ever learned about preventing or managing undesirable behavior and embrace the world of concept training—a positive solution to age-old training problems. This style of training is changing the lives of thousands of dogs and their owners across the world. We are truly trailblazing and forging new changes and new ways of doing things that involve some simple learning about how dogs’ brains work, and a whole lot of fun with playing games.

The Audiobook includes 3 BONUS chapters:

BONUS Chapter 1, "Training the Dog in Front of You!" This chapter dives into the hows of training (not any dog) YOUR dog by adapting to what they need in that very instant.

BONUS Chapter 2, "There is No Hope - Yeah Right!" Everybody at some point will be told there is no hope. The thing is... there is always hope.

BONUS Chapter 3, "Starting a Career Working with Dogs" Taking the leap to a life of working with dogs is exciting. This chapter takes all the learning from the book and discusses just how impactful it could be for your life as well as your dog’s.

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