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How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong - Updated & Expanded Version - E-Book

How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong - Updated & Expanded Version - E-Book



Subtitle: A Roadmap for Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs
Author: Pamela Dennison, CDBC
Length: 287 pages
Release Date: 2016 Updated & Expanded Edition

This updated and expanded edition of How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong will help anyone with a dog that has aggressive tendencies, whether it is a young dog that shows aggression when you remove the food bowl, a dog-aggressive dog that you are afraid to walk in the park, or a dog that is aggressive toward family and friends. The original book was printed in 2005 and the author has developed new strategies and protocols since then! Readers will gain an understanding of the causes of aggression and the various ways of dealing with it—including a step-by-step program of rehabilitation that has been used successfully on hundreds of dogs, large and small, in all breeds.

Does your dog have an aggression problem? Take this simple quiz:

  • Would you rather parachute into enemy territory with the Navy SEALS than take your dog for a walk?
  • Do you only go out with your dog at midnight or 4 a.m. and wish you had an infrared camera to detect and then avoid anyone else who might be around?
  • Do you stop breathing or panic when someone approaches? (Do you ever breathe at all when you are walking your canine buddy?)
  • Have you rearranged your entire life to make sure that your dog doesn’t see (and subsequently attack) other dogs or people?
  • Are you embarrassed by the way your dog behaves when people come to your house?
  • Are people nervous when they come to your house?
  • Do people still actually come to your house?
  • Do you worry about losing your home insurance if the insurance company finds out you have a dog that throws himself at the door in a frenzy whenever someone rings the doorbell?
  • Do you get tired of coming up with clever responses to people who scream, “You should learn to control that dog!”
  • Do you feel like a failure because your dog growls and/or lunges at people or dogs?”

If you said yes to any of these, you need this book! 

About the Author

Pam Dennison, CDBC, CWRI is a member of the DWAA (Dog Writers Association of America) and is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), member of The Pet Professional Guild, Truly Dog Friendly and former member of NADOI and Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She has written for many local, national and international magazines on a myriad of topics. Many of her books and articles have won and been nominated over the years for special awards by the DWAA. Pam started her own business, Positive Motivation Dog Training, in 1996. Since then she has helped thousands of dogs and handlers build their relationships and solve problems, by teaching basic obedience through competition and working with a myriad of behavioral problems. Pam teaches puppy K, basic obedience through the Canine Good Citizen test, competition obedience, Rally-O and holds regular classes and seminars for aggressive dogs.

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