Hurdle or Cavaletti Bars - 36in.

Hurdle or Cavaletti Bars - 36in.


Bars are 2 pieces that screw together You need 2 hurdle cones and 1 bar to make 1 cavaletti or hurdle

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but this product is not currently available. 

These 36"-long jump bars are designed to work with our hurdle cones (sold separately). They are 1" in diameter and come in two sections that screw together.

Packaging: Sold individually.

Note: Cones sold separately.

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3.5/5 with 2 reviews

These are great! So versitile.
I have had a set of these for over a year and they are awesome. The way they unscrew but have a string to keep the two sides together is very convenient for travel. I got a bag to store a set of cones and these poles and am able to easily set-up a jumpers course on the fly in a parking lot or field. I also appreciate that they are rigid and don't tend to bend or sag. They are a slim diameter, smaller than 3/4 PVC, so you can't exactly use them to replace jump uprights, but they are decent jump bars, and they are small enough to stick through the tops of cones.
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They break easily
They break easily as far as I'm concerned. I have 2 labs and they've both broken bars, usually in the center at the site where they're meant to screw together. I'm switching to wooden dowels.
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry that you're having difficulty with the bars breaking. The bar will come apart if your dog steps right in the middle, but it can be screwed back together. You can also glue the joint with PVC glue if you prefer. The bigger problem is that your dogs are stepping ON the bar. Something is wrong with your training setup; either the height of the bar or the spacing between the bars. The dog should be learning to lift their feet over the bars without touching them. One of the goals is to teach the dog proprioception and be careful about where they are placing their feet.
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