Hyperflite K-10 SofFlite Disc - Standard, 8.75 in.

Hyperflite K-10 SofFlite Disc - Standard, 8.75 in.



Hyperflite is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance flying discs designed for canine competition and recreational play.

The K-10 SofFlite flying disc is ultra-soft for canines with sensitive mouths. Use the K-10 SofFlite disc to train your puppy or to introduce your adult canine to the pleasures of canine disc play. SofFlite discs are competition-approved and perfect for canines with softer bites.

K-10 SofFlite discs feature Hyperflite’s patented low-profile grip surface on the top surface and underside of each disc allowing for secure gripping in all conditions. Even better, all K-10 SofFlite discs feature Hyperflite's X-Flash Anti-Glare Technology.

K-10 SofFlite discs are not puncture-resistant. If your toothy canine quickly renders your K-10 SofFlite disc unfit for flight, then you are a prime candidate for the Hyperflite K-10 Jawz disc. Inspect discs regularly—discard if damaged.

The diameter of the SofFlite Pup Disc is 8.75" and it weighs 105 grams.

Made in the USA.

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