Indoor Agility Trial Sounds CD

Indoor Agility Trial Sounds CD


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For new or shy dogs entering the sport of dog agility. Use these sounds to prepare your dog for competition or work on "in the ring" problems. This recording of a dog agility trial was digitally mastered at an indoor equestrian arena. It contains teeters flopping, handlers clapping and urging their dogs on course, dogs barking, people talking, PA system, the electronic timing "go" voice, buzzers, birds in the rafters, equipment being torn down, fluorescent light ballasts, and so on. There's even the perennial yapping dog two bays down that everyone has to put up with.

The CD ends with a pair of tracks for dogs who don't like equipment thumps, featuring teeter and contact close-up sounds.

  • Track 1: Jumpers class with a course familiarization going on in the other ring. Duration: 12:41
  • Track 2: Standard class. Duration: 48:37
  • Track 3: Teeter closeup sounds. Duration: 2:46
  • Track 4: Contact equipment closeup sounds: Duration 1:17

The first two tracks are background for general training. Simulate shows sounds to help with those in-the-ring only problems or just accustom your dog to a show environment. Play it at moderate volume for extended periods starting a few days before a show.

Suggestions for new or shy dogs: Play the CD at a moderate volume during meals or optimal play times for good associations.

For addressing sound phobias to teeter/contact equipment: Play the teeter/contact tracks at low volume during meals only. Start the CD with the first bite, and stop it with the last bite. Repeat this every meal. Use low volume levels. Dogs are amazingly able to put up with sounds during meals. They show down eating if they're starting to stress. If you see any stress, turn the CD down immediately. Any stress will reverse your progress. Do not leave a phobic dog unattended with the sound. Slowly increase the volume with time until your dog is comfortable with higher volume. Have patience and do not try to go too fast with this process. Later on graduate your dog to simply playing the CD in the background before shows as above.

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