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Author: Craig Ogilvie
Format: Paperback, 5.5" x 6.5"
Length: 192 pages
Release Date: 2017

How can you enrich your relationship with your dog and achieve your training goals at the same time? It's easy—just play with him.

In this book, Craig Ogilvie, a qualified police dog instructor and experienced trainer and behaviorist, introduces his hugely successful interactive play system. He provides expert guidance on choosing the right toy, motivation, empowering your dog without losing control, play as a reward, and much more. Whether you wish to use play as a part of training, or simply want to build and strengthen your relationship with your dog, this hugely informative guide will provide you with the key to becoming the center of your dog’s world.

Using the acronym INTERACTIVE, Craig provides 11 individual lessons that will enrich and improve play sessions with your dog.

I = Interaction for Invincibility: The way in which we interact with our dogs makes or breaks a dog's drive and desire to play. By learning how to make our dog feels invincible during play sessions we can enhance his desires, drive, and motivation—the benefits of which can be used in all different aspects of a dog lover's life. This chapter highlights some of the common misconceptions and mistakes people make when engaging in play with their dogs and explains better techniques for play interactions.

N = Non-verbal Communication: Our dogs are very receptive to different forms of non-verbal communication. We can use body language and positioning, as well as actions and associations, to converse with our dogs. Learn how to determine whether your dog is uncomfortable with your body language and how to adjust your stance and posture, eye contact, distance, and movement. This chapter also discusses how physical contact with your dog during play can be used for calming and positive stimulation.

T = Toy Selection: Choosing the right toy for your dog makes a huge difference to his play experience.

E = Energy's Effects: Energy is an important part of creating your interactive play experience—both mental energy and physical energy—but it's often overlooked. This chapter looks at the potential effects of both positive and negative energy, how to change your mindset and increase your energy, and also how to improve and maximize your dog's energy.

R = Relationship Building: Interactive play is a fantastic way to cement your relationship with your dog and can become more valuable to him than other more natural desires, such as pulling on the lead and playing with other dogs. This chapter will help you learn to become the creator of the fun, rather than just the reward supplier. 

A = Activating the Toy: Tap into your dog’s natural desire to chase things that move and find your dog’s "activation buttons."

C = Control During Interactive Play: Control as part of interactive play comes in the form of teaching your dog to love letting go of the toy, and teaching cues to start and finish play sessions.

T = Teaching and Timing: Learn to think like a teacher as you teach your dog to play, adjusting and adapting your approach to suit the needs of the individual. This chapter also discusses the timing and duration of play sessions.

I = Incremental Steps to Interactivity: Build a good foundation and then build on it step by step. Learn to picture your end goal versus where you are now, so you can work out the path to take in order to achieve it. This chapter also provides tips on what to do when your sessions do not go to plan.

V = Vocalization Consideration: Although vocalization can be a valuable tool, you must make sure it is used to its best advantage. This chapter looks at the ways in which it is often mis-used and the complications that can result.

E = Every Dog is Unique: Every dog is different and must be treated as such. Think outside the box and embrace the unique element in each dog.

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