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These harnesses are made in Hungary by Julius-K9, a company that specializes in high-end Schutzhund and working dog products and the inventor of the Velcro interchangeable patches system.

The Julius-K9 IDC Powair Harness is designed for 100% airflow, making it a super lightweight and breathable version of the original IDC harness design. It is made from integrated 3D-textile layers so that it ventilates extremely well and provides a comfortable fit for your dog even on the hottest days of the summer. And, you don't have to be afraid to get the Powair Harness wet; in fact, you can use the harness to help cool down your dog—sizes S, M, L and XL have a layer of water-retaining foam that enhances the cooling effect. The harness will also dry very fast after use.

The Julius-K9 IDC Harness is so easy to take on and off the dog that it can be used for taking your dog into the agility ring; just drop the harness over the dog's head and click in the buckle on the belly band. 

With the exception of sizes 2XS and 3XS, all IDC Powair Harnesses are equipped with a handle which was designed so that you can grip it easily whenever you need instant control. As with all Julius-K9 harnesses, there is a reflective label "patch" on each side that is attached with Velcro. The ones that come with the IDC Harness say "Julius-K9," but additional labels with different words and phrases as well as custom labels can be purchased separately. 

The Julius-K9 IDC Harness was designed for optimum distribution of the load acting on the dog. With the IDC Harness, the pulling force of the dog is directly on his chest rather than on his neck as is the case with many other dog harnesses. Because that load acts on the chest of different sizes of dogs at different vector angles, Julius-K9 used mathematical calculations to determine the appropriate size, position, and angle of the chest strap for each size of harness—that's why each size of harness has a different, patented chest strap.

What size harness does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure and Fit Your Dog

Place 4 fingers (2 fingers for dogs that you think will need a 3XS or 2XS size) behind your dog's legs. Using a flexible measuring tape, measure your dog's girth at this point. This is where the belly strap of the harness should be when the harness is properly fitted. 

Size Girth Dog's Weight
3XS = Baby 1 11.5 - 14 in.  (29-36 cm) 1.7 - 6.6 lbs. (0.8-3 kg)
2XS = Baby 2 13 - 17.5 in.  (33-45 cm) 4.4 - 11 lbs. (2-5 kg)
XS = Mini-Mini 15.5 - 20.5 in.  (40-53 cm) 8.8 - 15.4 lbs. (4-7 kg)
Small = Mini 20 - 26.5 in.  (49-67 cm) 15.4 - 33 lbs. (7-15 kg)
Medium = Size 0 23 - 30 in.  (58-76 cm) 30.8 - 55.1 lbs. (14-25 kg)
Large = Size 1 26 - 33.5 in.  (63-85 cm) 50.7 - 66.1 lbs. (23-30 kg)
XL = Size 2 28 - 37.5 in.  (71-96 cm) 61.7 - 88.1 lbs. (28-40 kg)
2XL = Size 3 32.5 - 46.5 in.  (82-115 cm) 88 - 115 lbs. (40-70 kg)

How to Adjust the Harness When You Receive It

When trying the harness on your dog for the first time, the chest strap should be adjusted so that you can fit 4 fingers comfortably between the front legs of the dog and the belly strap of the harness (for sizes 3XS and 2XS, it is enough to leave a 2-finger distance). The belly strap is adjusted correctly if you can slide your fingers under the harness on the back of your dog.

It is very important to adjust the chest strap and the lower strap under the chest correctly; if the straps are too loose, the dog might be able to slip out of the harness and if they are too tight it can cause chaffing in the armpit area. Please watch this video or consult this guide if you have any questions about how the harness should be adjusted for proper fit.

The image below shows a correct and an incorrect size choice. The harness fits properly if the dog has sufficient room in the shoulder area. The legs must be able to move freely.

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