Just Be Ewe Bungee Tug with Hol-ee Cow Ball

Just Be Ewe Bungee Tug with Hol-ee Cow Ball


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The Just Be Ewe Bungee Tug is made with custom webbing that we designed here at Clean Run. The tug is 23" long from top to bottom. It features orange faux fur, a 3-1/4" diameter Hol-ee Cow Ball made from 100% natural rubber that is certified nontoxic by an independent testing lab, and a handle padded with high-quality, nonpilling fleece for your comfort.

The bungee portion of the tug acts as a shock absorber between you and the dog so that you'll be more comfortable while tugging. It also provides exciting resistance to the dog without you actually having to pull hard on the toy. This keeps tugging fun for the dog, but makes tugging easier on your body.

The Just Be Ewe Bungee Ball Tug is an excellent toy for tugging, and it's a great fetch toy that you can throw very accurately in training.

Made in the USA.

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