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Ke-hu Patter Tug Toy

Ke-hu Patter Tug Toy


We offer the large one pictured We offer the large one pictured We offer the large one pictured


Ke-hu toys are designed and handmade in Finland and have many interesting elements that are intended to attract your dog as well as delightful color schemes for the human member of the team! Ke-hu means praise in Finnish and Ke-hu's slogan is: Every dog earns a Ke-hu—every dog earns praise after training or competition, or just for fun. Clean Run is the exclusive USA distributor of Ke-hu toys.

The Ke-hu Patter tug toy features 1"-wide soft-touch nylon webbing, a comfortable handle lined with fleece, a bungee section to create exciting resistance, faux fur, and a Crackle Head Ball. The Crackle Head Ball consists of a flexible, round rubber "cage" covering a "bottle ball," which is a hollow ball made from recycled bottles. When your dog bites down on this ball, it makes a crinkling or pattering sound that many dogs love.

We offer one size of the Patter Tug (the larger one in the photo), which is called Medium. The overall length of the tug is 19" and the Crackle Head Ball is 3" (7cm) in diameter. 

Assorted color combinations of webbing, fleece lining, faux fur, and ball color; please allow us to choose for you. 

Note: Please note that Ke-hu toys are designed for active play between dog and handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move the Ke-hu out of your dog’s reach


You can wash your Ke-hu toy in a washing machine in water that is less than 86°. Line dry.

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