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Killer Free Stacks DVD

Killer Free Stacks DVD



Author: Jane Killion
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour, 58 minutes
Release date: 2015

Do your puppies demand to win? What makes a "show dog" is that attitude that just dares the judge not to put him up and that’s something that can be taught, if you start early and focus on the right things. 

In this two-episode series (original broadcast live on September 22nd and September 29th, 2015), Jane demonstrates how to teach killer free stacks with the undeniable confidence that will stand out in the show ring. This training is demonstrated primarily by 6- to 7-week-old puppies, but is suitable for a beginning show dog of any age. It also perfect for "re-treads" on show dogs who lack sparkle in the ring. 

Part one demonstrates teaching the free stack with a litter of 6-week-old puppies with varying degrees of experience, so you can see the entire process up through walking into the stack and teaching the puppy to allow you to set feet. Also included are demonstrations with an adult show dog and a 9-month-old puppy. In part two, you see the next steps with the puppies at 7 weeks. The focus is on adding a leash, moving in front of the puppy, holding the stack for slightly longer periods, teaching the release, and examining mouths. 

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