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LickiMat Slomo for Wet & Dry Food

LickiMat Slomo for Wet & Dry Food


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The LickMat Slomo is special because it's designed to be used with either soft or dry food. Put kibble or dry treats into the small square openings and/or put soft or mushy treats into the areas with the raised dots.

Recommended by vets and animal behaviorists worldwide, the LickiMat products are designed to enrich your dog's environment as well as benefit his health. LickiMat products promote calm behavior while your dog is home alone, during situations he finds stressful (such as storms or a vet visit), while he's in a crate at a trial or training class, when he's recovering from an illness or injury, and any time you need to redirect excess energy.

By spreading your dog's favorite soft treat over the surface of the LickiMat Slomo, you create a tasty, fun game as the dog seeks out every morsel with his tongue. Repetitive licking is soothing for your dog and releases calming endorphins into the body. Licking also enhances the sense of taste, allowing dogs to enjoy just a small amount of food over an extended period of time. In addition, licking stimulates saliva production which helps clean your dog's tongue, teeth, and gums.

By putting kibble in the small squares, you can slow down your dog's eating speed. The squares are 3/4" wide and 3/8" deep.

Made from non-toxic food-grade TPR, the LickMat SloMo is 8" x 8". It's freezer and microwave safe. Hand wash the LickiMat in warm, soapy water after each use or in your dishwasher.

For tasty, long-lasting recipes, visit the LickiMat blog.

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