Listen to Me - Exploring the Emotional Life of Dogs

Listen to Me - Exploring the Emotional Life of Dogs


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Author: Tricia Hollingshead
Format: Paperback, 8.5" x 11"
Length: 112 pages
Release Date: 2020

We love our dogs and do our very best to provide a home and an environment that will make them happy. So, why are so many dogs showing signs of stress?

Theoretically, a dog has nothing to worry about; his food and shelter are provided for, and he is not exposed to external dangers that threaten his survival. But dog behaviorists have never been in such high demand as they try to rehabilitate dogs who are showing undesirable behavior—becoming over-dependent, frightened, or even aggressive—as they try to adapt to the lifestyle we are imposing on them. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In Listen to Me!, behaviorist Tricia Hollingshead focuses on the domestic setting and the everyday interactions between the dog and his family, which include:

  • Greeting rituals
  • Playtime
  • Attention-seeking behaviors
  • Training
  • Going for walks
  • Meeting other dogs
  • Encounters with strangers

Using close observation, backed up by extensive experience of interpreting canine communication, she shows us how to pick up on vital clues that tell us how a dog is feeling. By gathering evidence in this way, we can make small but important changes in the way we behave with our dogs. We can give a dog space when he needs it, we can become more sensitive when we show affection, or change our routine to avoid backchaining and the build-up of stress and anxiety. Simple things—but they can make a major difference to a dog’s mental well-being.

Illustrated with some 200 top-quality color photographs, which will help you become expert in picking up emotional clues, Listen to Me! provides ground-breaking material which will have a significant impact on the way we treat our dogs.

"I am in constant awe of the generosity and patience of dogs. I often wonder if they view humans in the same way we would view a giant toddler; well-intentioned but clumsy with interactions, and unaware of the variety, meaning, and detail of non-verbal communication. This brilliant publication encourages canine guardians to see the world through the eyes of dogs, and will help strengthen and deepen the extraordinary bond we share with these giving, and forgiving, companions. A wonderful book that dogs would want everyone to read." —Sarah Fisher, Animal Centred Education

About the Author
Tricia Hollingshead is a behaviorist who has spent a lifetime working with dogs in their domestic settings. She has her own home boarding/rehabilitation business which has given her the opportunity to observe a wide variety of dogs, and discover how they adapt, negotiate and find ways of coping with modern life. This sensitivity to canine body language, and subtle signalling, has become Tricia’s strength as a behaviorist, with valuable practical implications for clients and dogs alike.

Tricia has worked as a rehabilitation trainer with leading veterinary behaviorist Sarah Heath in the UK, handling over 1000 client cases. She has also trained in Norway with Turid Rugaas. Tricia has trained her own dogs in working trials, heelwork to music, and agility—but her top priority is the dog as a companion, and her goal is to bring calmness and stability into the lives of the dogs we are about so deeply.



Chapter One - Playing Detective: Picking up on emotional clues

Chapter Two - Joining the Family Circle: Finding a place in your home

Chapter Three - To Love and Be Loved: Is it reciprocated?

Chapter Four - It's Playtime! Understanding the game

Chapter Five - Space Invaders: The issues of personal space

Chapter Six - Unintended Consequences: How unwanted behaviors develop

Chapter Seven - What Are You Asking For? Opening up channels of communication in training

Chapter Eight - Meeting and Greeting: Interactions with unfamiliar dogs 

Chapter Nine - Stranger Danger!The human/canine clash

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