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Mutt Mats

Mutt Mats


Purple/Grey Navy/Country Blue Travel cord closeup

$18.99 - $29.99

The Mutt Mat is a bedroll for your dog that travels easily and is very versatile. It's great for hotel rooms or visiting; it can be used in the car or in a crate; or you can use it to cover furniture. Train your dog a "go to place" behavior on his mat as described in Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed® program and then you'll have your dog's "place" anywhere you go. The Mutt Mat goes everywhere your dog needs to be.

Mutt Mats are constructed of sturdy cotton fabric and quilted to a premium polyester batting. For over 20 years, The Mutt Mats Company has taken great pride in the quality of the sewing of their products and has used special techniques to ensure the longevity of their products. All cutting and sewing is done at the company's plant in Tennessee. The embroidered Mutt Mats logo patch ensures its authenticity and each mat comes rolled and tied with a handy travel cord. The mat can be machine washed and dried, it's lint free, and unlike some synthetic fabrics, the cotton fabric does not entrap dog hair.

Available in three sizes:

Size Dimensions
Medium 22" x 28"
Large 30" x 36"
X-Large 36" x 42"

"Mat work is an important part of my Control Unleashed® training system, which is designed to teach focus and relaxation to performance dogs that get overstimulated or stressed at events. I started hearing about Mutt Mats from Control Unleashed® students across the country who are using them for their mat work. After trying Mutt Mats with my own dogs, I too have become a fan. They are perfect for mat work, comfortable for the dogs, sturdy, easily carried, and whether you are using a mat in a broader training system or just using one for the 'go to place' behavior, you can't go wrong with a Mutt Mat."  —Leslie McDevitt, MLA CDBC CPDT, author of Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog

"We LOVE Mutt Mats! Dog Sense has been using Mutt Mats for decades. We even created a specific obedience command that we teach all our clients using Mutt Mats. Mutt Mats are so easy to launder—entire loads dry quickly and last through years of washings. I still have my original Mutt Mat from the early 1980s! It is fraying around the edges, but still in good shape. They stay flat and don't slide or bunch up when the dogs are laying on them. The variety of colors give people the choice to match their decor, or their dog, or just pick their favorites. They are wonderfully portable and are great to take traveling, ideal at outdoor concerts, handy in the car, perfect to cushion a crate, a protective barrier for the sofa, useful to drip dry and sop up excess water from a wet dog, a safe healthy place to lay at the vet's, an easy trick to contain the shedding when visiting non-doggy friends, a lovely decoration that keeps your carpet from smelling doggy—the ways to use Mutt Mats are endless! I'll say it again—we LOVE Mutt Mats! Thank you for a fantastic product."  —Nancy French, Dog Sense Unlimited

Average Rating
5/5 with 2 reviews

Worked great, dogs were comfortable
I keep this in my car for when I go into a store with carts. If I need my hands I throw them into the cart to stay safe while I am not looking. (They are under 5 pounds, don't want kids or other dogs too close while I am not paying attention.) My dogs actually settled in and lay down to wait. Not the usual stress. Bonus, it's large enough the the parts I throw in the cart don't fall out.
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Great Mats
These mats are wonderful. They are easy to pack and carry anywhere. They are incredibly durable. I take mine everywhere therefore it’s is washed quite often. It launders nicely, the colors stay bright, and dogs dogs are happy to alway have a nice bed available no matter where we go.
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