My Intelligent Pets Dogs Wheel of Fortune Treat Puzzle

My Intelligent Pets Dogs Wheel of Fortune Treat Puzzle


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The Dog's Wheel of Fortune is an innovative puzzle for dogs that was developed and patented by My Intelligent Pets in Austria. Unlike flat board games in which the dog has to move pieces with his nose or his paw to get a reward, the Fortune Wheel requires your dog to spin the wheel vertically.

The drum has segments separated by thin wooden walls, and some of the segments features hole. Three segments have holes with a diameter of about 10mm (.39") and one segment has holes with a diameter of about 12mm (.47"). The size of the treats should be carefully selected so that they can easily fall out through the bigger holes, but not through the smaller holes.

Once the wheel is turned, treats can fall out. There is an opening on the side of the cylinder which is used to refill the wheel with treats.

Size is 11.2"W x 11.2"L x 9.4"H.

Note: Never let your dog play unsupervised, and intervene if he starts to chew pieces of the game. Regularly check the pieces for any damage. Intelligent Pet games and puzzles are made from certified wood covered with water-based varnish that is not harmful to humans or animals. Please keep the game dry and free of water exposure, as the wooden pieces may swell otherwise. Use only dry treats for playing. Clean by wiping with a damp cloth, and do not use abrasive cleaners. 

Step 1: Open the lock located on the side of the drum. Fill the empty space with a handful of treats and close the lid.

Step 2: Encourage your dog by spinning the wheel.

Step 3: Praise your dog each time he manages to get a treat out of the wheel.

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