Nathan No-Tie Locking Run Laces - Reflective Purple Magic

Nathan No-Tie Locking Run Laces - Reflective Purple Magic



The last thing you need to worry during an agility run is your shoelaces coming untied!

Nathan Reflective Run Laces are super-secure, ultra-grippy, elastic laces that are the ideal no-tie shoelace solution for active people, plus they have reflective detail for greater nighttime visibility.. No more tying and untying laces, or making double knots!

Nathan Run Laces are a unique fastening system that keeps laces secure and tight. Run Laces also provide complete flexibility in achieving a more comfortable fit than is possible with regular laces. The lock holds the laces in place so they stay secure and maintain the same constant tension on the foot. Run Laces also allow you to simply slip your shoes on and off.

Run Laces can be worn with all styles of running shoes, athletic shoes, and casual lace-up shoes. Besides being great for recreation and sports, Run Laces are also ideal for kids, seniors, or anyone who has difficulty manipulating shoelaces.

Quick and easy one-time setup. Watch the short video for instructions on how to quickly and easily install your new Run Laces, and adjust for the perfect fit.

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