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Naylor 4in. Pitch Heavyweight Agility Tunnels

Naylor 4in. Pitch Heavyweight Agility Tunnels


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Clean Run and Clip and Go have been testing tunnels from US and overseas manufacturers for more than three years. Because of their good footing for the dogs, quality of the fabric, overall durability, and ability to keep their “roundness” even when heavy tunnel bags are used, we have chosen to import Naylor tunnels from the UK for our customers. 

Naylor 4" pitch heavyweight tunnels are 25" in diameter and meet the competition equipment specifications of all US and Canadian agility organizations. The supporting 3.86mm spring steel wires are heat-welded in place and enclosed by a heat-bonded thick PVC scuff strip extrusion. There is a heavy-duty, 14mm thick ring enclosed in PVC at each tunnel opening to provide additional structural integrity.

These tunnels are made from heavy-duty UV-stabilized 18oz/ft PVC fabric (610gsm) that is flexible, durable, and provides excellent traction (the fabric is more "rubbery" feeling than in US-made tunnels). Two contrasting color strips are welded down the length of the tunnel.

Naylor 4" pitch tunnels are available in 3 lengths.

Specifications Inches Metric
Pitch (spacing between wires) 4 in. 100 mm
Diameter of openings 25 in. 635 mm
Wire thickness 3.86mm wires with a
14mm ring at each end
Material weight 18oz/ft 610 gsm
Length & weight 10.66 ft., 34 lbs.
16.4 ft., 52 lbs.
19.7 ft., 63 lbs.
3.25 meters
5 meters
6 meters

  Important Shipping Notes: Naylor Tunnels are shipped directly from our warehouse in Michigan via UPS Ground. This item cannot be shipped by other carriers, and it cannot be shipped outside the U.S. 

We offer a one-year warranty on Naylor Tunnels against defects in materials and workmanship. When you receive your tunnel, please inspect it carefully to make certain the tunnel is in satisfactory condition. If any problem needs to be addressed, we ask that you email our customer service team immediately and attach photos along with a description of the problem. 

The warranty does NOT cover improper storage or care of the tunnel:

  • Tunnels should be stored away from extreme temperature conditions; temperatures over 120 degrees or below zero should be avoided. 
  • Tunnels should be carried when moved, not dragged. 
  • If you are using metal tunnel holders, make sure there are no sharp edges that might damage the black PVC scuff strip extrusions that cover the wires.

Also, as with all agility equipment, it is best to avoid exposure to the sun when not in use. Prolonged exposure to the sun will shorten the lifespan of your tunnel.