Nero Ball - Classic

Nero Ball - Classic



Not Just Another Dog Ball! 

Made with a special rubber blend, a strong nylon rope, and a strong nonslip loop, The Nero Ball is the number #1 ball choice of dog sport handlers and working dog handlers worldwide. It's perfect for fetching and tugging training games.

At 2-5/8" in diameter, The Nero Ball is just slightly larger than a tennis ball (2-1/2") and is very durable. It is hollow so that it gives dogs that crushing sensation they love. Dogs also love the slightly spiky texture, and it helps your dog grip the ball in his mouth better. The 12"-long nylon rope helps you throw the ball farther with less effort.

The Nero Ball is made by a family-owned business in Tampa, Florida, that is to making sure every handler who recieves a Nero Ball is 100% happy with the product. 

Made in the U.S.A.

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