NTK Portable Popup Tent

NTK Portable Popup Tent


$54.99 - $69.99

The NTK Portable Popup Tent is the perfect portable house for your dog and works great as a training crate or travel crate. The lightweight, reinforced fiberglass frame comes fully assembled and unfolds in seconds. The tent goes from its easy-to-carry transport bag to fully set up with in under 5 seconds.

The Portable Popup Tent comes with a removable UV cover as well as stakes if you want to stake the corners down.

NTK has over 45 years of experience in making camping tents. Available in 2 sizes; choose the one that's best for your dog(s).

Size Size When Set Up Size in Travel Bag Weight
Medium 31"L x 21"W x 23"H 6" diameter x 23"L 2-1/2 lbs.
Large 39"L x 39"W x 27"H 7" diameter x 27"L 2-3/4 lbs.

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