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Pathway to Positivity

Pathway to Positivity



Subtitle: Creating the Perfect Pet and Top Competition Dog
Author: Kamal Fernandez
Format: Paperback, 6.625" x 8.25"
Length: 160 pages
Release Date: 2019

There is no bigger thrill than competing with your dog, whether it is in obedience, agility, canine freestyle, or any of the other disciplines available to dog sports enthusiasts. However, the time you spend competing represents a tiny fraction of your life together. Your most important task should be to lay the foundations so that you have a wonderful companion as well as an eager and willing pupil. 

In Pathway to Positivity, world-renowned sports dog trainer and instructor Kamal Fernandez uses his unique training program to show you how to create a balanced, well-adjusted dog who has the skills to transfer to competitive dog sports. His method is based not only on the science of animal behavior and psychology, but also on over 25 years of experience working with both people and dogs.

Kamal uses reinforcement-based training on a practical day-to-day basis, and then applies it to the demands of competitive sports. The aim is to create a dog that is confident and free from social issues in a domestic environment, with the attitude and mental make-up that is required for advanced training. 

Illustrated with top-quality photographs, Pathway To Positivity is essential reading for all those who want to build a better relationship with their dog. 

About the Author
Kamal Fernandez has earned an international reputation as a dynamic and successful sports dog trainer. He has coached handlers and their dogs in a range of performance sports including agility, obedience, working trials, IPO, mondio and canine freestyle, and his students have gone on to compete at national, international and world championship level. Kamal, who runs the East London School of Dog Training, is also much in demand as a speaker at seminars and workshops worldwide. A former police officer, he has been training dogs for 25 years and it was his early experience working with young offenders, coupled with his studies in psychology, that have contributed to his innovative teaching style, and his ability to get the best from his pupils, both human and canine. Making use of his scientific knowledge, and his experience as a hands-on trainer, Kamal is dedicated to positive training methods. He believes that every dog is different and his quest is to find the reward and reinforcement that is best suited to the individual, thus creating a dog who loves to work. For Kamal, dog training is neither a hobby, nor a career. It is a passion.


Chapter 1: Finding the Perfect Dog
Plan A; Plan B; When things go wrong; Lack of understanding; Lack of motivation; Lack of boundaries; Relationship issues; Physical issues

Chapter 2: The Power of Positive Learning
Positive reinforcement; Negative reinforcement; Negative punishment; Positive punishment; Putting it into practice; Guide to reinforcement; Annoyingly adolescent

Chapter 3: How to Be an Effective Clicker Trainer
My training journey; Getting started; My rules of clicker training; Shaping and luring; The modern principles of shaping; Clicker positivies; Clicker pitfalls; The big four; Key to effective clicker training

Chapter 4: Does Clicker Training Work for Every Dog?
How reinforcement works; Resistance to shaping; Learned helplessness; Concept training; Reward-specific markers

Chapter 5: Building Play
A voyage of discovery; Understanding play; Assessing your dog for tug; Those that want to tug; Golden rules for establishing tug; Those that are reluctant to tug; Jessie's story; Top tips for reluctant tuggers; Shaping play

Chapter 6: Definining Goals and Teaching New Behaviors
What are you looking for?; Training toolbox; Making a plan; Pairing behaviors; Putting behaviors on cue

Chapter 7: To Punish or Not to Punish?
What is punishment?; What are the options?; Is punishment necessary?; Punishment vs. reinforcement

Chapter 8: Coping with Stress and Frustration
A better understanding; Practical measures

Chapter 9: Refining Reward and Reinforcement
Creating drive and desire; Hierarchy of reinforcement; Reinforcement zone; Transfer of value; Combining food and play; Ending on a good note

Chapter 10: Chaining Behaviors
Starting the chain; Linking behaviors; Completing the chain; Proofing games; Have fun!

Chapter 11: Channeling Drive and Building Duration
Key factors; You've got it—now make it last!; Building duration step by step

Chapter 12: My Favorite Foundation Games
Basic skills; What treats should I use?; Susan Garrett's It's Yer Choice; Saying "please;" Simon says; Hand touch; Spider hands; Collar grabs; Restrained recalls; Food circuits; Corner throws; Name game; Five for five; Around a cone; Value for a dead toy; Toy swaps; Out with it!; Building toy swaps into an IPR; Informal play retrieve; Summing up


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