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Paw of Sweden 6mm Slip Lead with Stoppers - Purple, 63in.

Paw of Sweden 6mm Slip Lead with Stoppers - Purple, 63in.


Extremely compact Neck loop size can be fixed


PAW of Sweden 6mm slip leads are perfect for training, hunting, walks, and taking your dog in and out of the agility ring. Hand made in Sweden from lightweight braided nylon cord that's soft and smooth on your hand. The leash is made to be strong enough to use with big dogs, but the size also makes it ideal for small dogs.

This slip lead has two easy-to-use stoppers (just push the button and slide the stopper) that allow you to use the slip lead in a variety of ways:

  • Set a stopper on each side of the ring to keep the neck loop at a fixed size so that it can't get bigger or smaller.
  • Set one stopper to limit how far the neck loop can close, and set the other stopper so that the neck loop can get big enough to easily slip over your dog's head.
  • Set one stopper all the way to the end of leash that has the ring if you want th neck loop to tighten around your dog's neck when he pulls, and set the second stopper to limit how big the neck loop can get so the dog can't back out of it.

The width of the leash is 6mm or 1/4" and the length is 63" from the handle to the welded ring. The leash weighs only 2 oz. and can be easily gathered up to put in your pocket. 

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Perfect for small dogs!
Adjustable for puppy to adult dog. Length is a plus. Quality product.
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