Paw Wave PERK - Percussion Therapy Pet Massager

Paw Wave PERK - Percussion Therapy Pet Massager


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The Paw Wave PERK is the world's first high-performance handheld massager made exclusively for animals. The Perk is a cordless massager that brings deep tissue relief to your dog or cat, with specially designed tips to address a wide range of needs. Deep-tissue massage dissolves knots and stimulates blood circulation, which can help to prevent injuries, improve performance in sports dogs, delay onset of age-related arthritis, decrease stiffness and improve mobility for older pets, and help dogs recover faster during post-injury or post-surgery rehab.

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Soothe nerves: Massaging with PERK can help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Release core tension: Use the PERK to massage along your dog's back to help decrease tension and stress
  • Joint health: Use the 3D Flex Tip over joints to help increase flexibility and circulation while decreasing tension, especially in dogs with osteoarthritis
  • Improve mobility: PERK can improve mobility and joint health when used before and after exercise

Everything about the PERK has been specifically calibrated for animals, from the motor intensity and amplitude, the forgiveness of the massage tips, the adjustable speed settings, and the patented massage attachments:

  • 3D Flex Tip: Flexing and rebounding of the arms recoils to amplify the effects of massage nodes to provide a powerful but forgiving impact. The flexible arms wrap around your animal's narrow legs and boney joints.
  • Cupping Tip: Designed to trap air in the diaphragm of the cup and deliver a deep percussive energy to the inner muscle belly while minimizing the impact blow to the skin.
  • Soft Brush Tip: The soft silicone brushes are exponentially amplified by the effects of the percussive motion to the beat of 110 hz frequency. In other words, your animal will love this extreme massage-scratch session.

Package contains: PERK, cupping tip, 3D flex tip, soft brush tip, charger and charging cable, storage bag.

Note: How-to videos for introducing the PERK to your dog as well as using the PERK to massage for various types of problems are included on the company's website.

Model: PERK 
Cordless Pet Massager
Percussion Technology
3 Tips: 3D Flex Tip, Soft Brush Tip and Cup Tip
Pouch for attachments
USB Charging Cable: Micro 5pin, 1m / 3.2ft
Massager Weight: 502g / 1.1 lbs. (with attachment = 1.2 lbs max)
Ratings: 5Vdc, 1.0A
Charge Time: 180 min
Run Time: Approx. 105 min. with brush tip (15min timer x 7 times)
5 Speeds: 2100, 2300, 2600, 3150, 3450 RPM
Battery: 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Safety Shut Off: 15 minutes
Made in Korea

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