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Performance Puppy ABCs

Performance Puppy ABCs



Subtitle: The Building Blocks for Success with Your Next Canine Superstar
Author: Daisy Peel and Anna Hinze
Format: Paperback
Length: 160 pages
Release Date: Revised 2020

We all want to make sure we "get it right this time" when it comes to our new agility or performance puppy so there can be a lot of worry, anxiety, and stress. Fear that we will "mess up" our puppy. Anxiety that we will misstep in training and not realize it until the "bad" behavior is ingrained and can't be fixed. Are we using the right food? The right toys? Is the puppy in their crate enough? Out of their crate enough?

Learn how world class agility competitors Daisy Peel (USA) and Anna Hinze (Germany) raise their puppies right from the start. Before agility training, there is a lot of other training and socialization to be done with a puppy to prepare them for agility or any sport where focus, fun, and teamwork are the goals!

There are over 50 activities included in this book to help you and your puppy form a lasting bond. These are fun, age-appropriate activities that will help prepare you for agility or whatever performance sport you choose to pursue. Training activities include

  • How to get started when you first bring your new puppy home
  • Life skills your puppy needs to be a great household companion as well as a great agility dog
  • Training games to make sure your puppy will eagerly follow and chase after you, no matter what distractions are present
  • Skills to help prepare your puppy for future training lessons, including coordination and shaping games
  • Toys games to make sure your puppy is motivated to play with toys with you
  • Beginning heelwork and bypasses to make sure you and your puppy are headed in the same direction on course
  • Tricks that Daisy and Anna feel are essential for all performance puppies to learn
  • Exercises to make sure your puppy has great impulse control
  • Verbal cues such as left and right
  • Beginning tunnel training to teach your puppy that the tunnel is fun, but they should take it only when asked

About the Authors
Daisy Peel is known globally as a leading instructor and competitor in the sport of agility. She has represented the USA internationally over a dozen times, across three continents, with multiple dogs and has medaled on the international stage. Daisy has also won five national championship titles with two different dogs. Daisy's students excel at the top levels in multiple North American agility venues, and have been selected to represent their countries at international events as well. Daisy teaches students around the globe, in person and through her online classes. She is dedicated to helping people enhance their agility experience through better training, handling, and mastery of their mental game.

Anna Hinze lives, trains, and competes in Germany, where she instructs students on a daily basis, in addition to teaching seminars throughout Europe. She also teaches online classes. Anna enjoys teaching both novice handlers as as students who aspire to be on a national team themselves. Anna currently competes with her Border Collie May and Shetland Sheepdog Take. She has represented Germany successfully at international events in Europe and the USA, including winning the prestigious European Open Team competition in 2019.

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