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Positive Herding 101

Positive Herding 101



Authors: Barbara Buchmayer with Sally Adam
Format: Paperback, 8" x 10"
Length: 320 pages
Release Date: Fall 2021

Positive Herding 101 offers a completely new approach to foundation training for herding that is positive, fun, and sets you and your dog up for success.

You can start the training in your home, using cones, treats, and toys. For the initial training, you do NOT need livestock, a helper, an outdoor field, or herding experience.

You'll begin by teaching your dog herding skills without the huge distraction of livestock present. While training these skills, you will also be working on building your dog's self-control, and they will need a lot of it when you introduce livestock. All skills are built in layers; they are started inside, moved outside, and then evenutally practiced around penned stock. 

Positive Herding 101 provides clear explanations, step-by-step training plans, troubleshooting suggestions, video links, and over 200 illustrations. The book covers the basics of herding through building skills, strengthening behavior, and adding penned livestock.  

This revolutionary new way to train herding is sheep tested, dog approved.

About the Authors
Barb Buchmayer has been captivated by the art of herding for 30 years and has trained over a dozen dogs to herd through the years. She successfully competes at the Open or highest level of USBCHA (United States Border Collie Handlers Association) trials.

Thirteen years ago she began learning the science of positive dog training through studying many books and DVDs and by taking courses, including classes by Bob Bailey, Susan Garrett, and Kay Laurence. Her lifework is to develop and share positive herding with new handlers and traditional handlers looking for a science-based approach to training.

In 2011, Barb was contacted by a woman from South Africa, Sally Adam. Sally is an animal lover and a skilled clicker trainer with an inquiring mind and an adventurous spirit. Sally had taught agility and tricks with positive training but had never trained or handled a herding dog. Working with Barb long-distance, she trained her Border Collie, Renn, from a puppy to the South African Sheepdog Association's 2016 Reserve Junior Champion.

"In this book, Barbara does an excellent job translating the training of chickens in a classroom to training dogs to herd sheep in the field by describing the stepwise introduction of novice dogs to the various skills the dogs will need to become proficient herders. All in all, she has written an introductory "How to" I believe would be useful to trainers new to herding, as well as to veteran trainers looking for new ideas, and maybe even a different training philosophy."  —Bob Bailey (Hon PhD)

"Positive Herding 101 is a wonderful addition to the working dog world. In traditional training, it’s common to take big leaps, think: leaping from 2+2=4 to long division, with nothing in between. In positive training, the goal is to set achievable criteria so you don’t have to give aversive feedback and Buchmayer is acutely aware of this. She has the experience and knowledge of both herding and the science of how animals learn to teach others these important skills."  —Susan Smith, co-author of Positive Gun Dog

"I love how Barb used the 3D model layout and animals. It's very creative and makes things crystal clear instantly, bypassing words!! I think agility training would benefit from this approach!!"  —Tiiu Mayer, Flyball Master, CPE Agility Trial Champion (CATCH 2), and AKC MACH.

Average Rating
5/5 with 1 review

The perfect book for newbies in the world of herding!
Loved how the author broke down each skill needed, then broke down how to go about teaching that skill. I now know what I have to work on before attempting to put my dog live stock and a clear plan to get it taught. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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