Puppy Sounds CD

Puppy Sounds CD



Puppy Sounds is a whelping box and young puppy sound conditioning/habituation CD for working and show puppies that will encounter many different environments, and sounds, in their travels than a normal pet would. Four years in the making, this disc is collected, real-life sound—natural environmental sounds with no overdubbing or added mixed tracks. The sounds occur as they do in daily life so that your puppy hears as close to the real thing as possible. This CD is digitally recorded, mastered, and reproduced for maximum believability and effectiveness.

Whether you are a breeder of show or working puppies, or you just got a new pup, there are finally puppy sounds made just for you.

The Puppy Sounds CD is 72 minutes long and contains 25 tracks of sounds.Click on the Tracks tab on the left for a complete list of sounds.


Airport Sounds: Jets and commuter prop planes taxiing. Recorded from the rooftop of an airport parking garage overlooking many gates. If you are going to ship a pup by air, this is what the pup will hear during his trip.

Train: An Amtrak passenger train arriving at a station with train whistles and the low reverberation of the tons of metal, the squeal of the brakes. Good for low frequency sensitivity.

Traffic Noise: Traffic going by at lunch rush hour. Loud trucks, cars, everything else. Good for dogs who will be out in public places with traffic.

Helicopter:- A medical helicopter taking off from a hospital landing field. If you have pups that may be used for search and rescue and find themselves in a helicopter, this is an excellent track.

Kennel Sounds: A typical kennel. One dog is jumping repetitively on its kennel walls.

Stressed Dogs: The dogs in this track were in a veterinary clinic. They were pre- and post-surgical. Personnel are in and out checking on them.



Thunderstorms: Use a longer track to desensitize an adult; this track is for the babies. Again if your dam is sensitive to this, remove her from earshot.

Field Guns: Field guns and whistles that simulate what you would hear at a field event. Dogs barking in the background. Good for any future gundog or any pup that might hear gunfire in the future.

Orchestra Warm-up: An odd track, but service dogs might hear an outdoor concert with their owner.

Percussion: Celeste, xylaphone, and tympani. The things in an orchestra that might go boom. This should interest pups.


Geese and Ducks: For future gundogs.

Sheep: For future herding dogs.



Kitchen Sounds

Garage Door

Lawn Mower


Babies Crying

Kid's Arcade

Food Court: A busy food court with the sound of chopping veggies on a grill, and one very obnoxious toddler. Thick, busy sounds for your pup.

Skateboard Indoor and Outdoor Sounds: For dogs who have trouble with the odd moving object that makes the bad sizzling sound. The indoor tracks have more booms from the wooden ramps of a skateboard park. The outdoor sounds concentrate on the wheels scrubbing against rough concrete.


Outdoor Applause

Indoor Show Sounds/Applause: This track is from a cluster show with 2,000 entries and takes place during the group judging. Loud room sounds interspersed with group/BOB applause.

Dog Dryer: The infamous dog dryer in a show setting. Get your pups ready for their first baths.

Start playing the CD at whisper levels when the pups' eyes first open once a day. Meal time is a good time to do this.

Slowly, carefully, and with great attention to the pups, raise the volume level over the rest of the weeks the pups are with you.

If the mom is sensitive to the sounds, remove her from earshot while you do this.

Always look for any signs of stress in the pups. They can notice the sounds, but they should not jump, back up, or cower. If they do, turn the volume down IMMEDIATELY. You have gone too fast too soon.

By the time the pups are 7 weeks old, they should be getting their meal and pretty much playing or sleeping through the sounds after the meal. The very best reaction the puppies can have to this CD is to ignore it.

The volume should get high enough to bother YOU but never the puppies.

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