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Purposeful Practice Dog Agility Training Journal

Purposeful Practice Dog Agility Training Journal



Author: Daisy Peel
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2021

Using the principles of deliberate and purposeful practice, Daisy has helped thousands of dog agility handlers worldwide improve their agility training and performances. This dog agility training journal was developed by Daisy Peel to help you implement the principles of purposeful practice so that you can maximize the benefit of your training sessions, increasing both the quality of your training as well as your and your dog's enjoyment of the game!

When you engage in purposeful practice, rather than heading out with your dog to do the things you're already good at, you'll select an activity from the list of activities that you know you and your dog need to work on (skills you don't currently possess or that are weak). Then, you'll target that skill in your training session. 

By keeping track of your training sessions in this journal, you can be mindful and deliberate about what you're doing in training. You will learn to have a plan, stay focused, be precise, and be persistent when you practice so that you can make improvements and progress toward your agility goals.

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