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Running and Footwork for Agility DVD

Running and Footwork for Agility DVD



Author: Eric Bobkowski
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Bonus Materials: 5 PDF articles on the disc
Running Time: 61 minutes
Release Date: Fall 2014

Every sport has some kind of footwork, agility included. Unfortunately, footwork is not given very much attention.

Footwork for front crosses is very important. Proper footwork can get you through a course more fluidly, with fewer steps, and even shave seconds off your time. Proper footwork can also better cue your dog for the next obstacle. Most importantly, good footwork can help prevent injuries. Unfortunately, knee injuries are increasingly common among agility handlers, but you can help prevent them by improving your footwork.

Footwork for forward sends, footwork for deceleration, sprinting, and warming up before you run are also covered.

About the Author
Eric Bobkowski is a personal trainer currently residing in Brandon, Florida. In collaboration with Karen Holik he has written five articles for Clean Run magazine. Eric offers private and group lessons and can be contacted through

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