Semi-Private Summer: Individualized Help for Your Agility Needs

Brenna Fender

6-weeks of semi-private online lessons starts July 6

Semi-Private Summer: Individualized Help for Your Agility Needs


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Class has started, but it's not too late to join in! You will be able to see all of the lessons regardless of when you enroll.

Do you need feedback on your practice or trial runs so that you can advance your training?

This course grew out of Brenna's Backyard Training Matters group. The focus was on working agility skills at home so students could make faster progress toward their training goals than if they were working alone. The goal is still the same—to help you improve your team's agility skills—but the format is different. There is no structured weekly lesson that determines what skills you will work on. Brenna will provide four numbered sequences for a 40' x 60' space, each week, but you don't have to use them. You can submit videos of you running those sequences or any others—you get to choose what you want help with! The only limitation is the amount of video you can submit each week (see below). 

When providing feedback on videos and making suggestions, Brenna will work within your handling system and with your goals in mind. Brenna provides a positive training environment for dogs AND people with lots of encouragement!

Semi-Private Summer is open to anyone who wants feedback or analysis on their training or runs; you do NOT need to have participated in the training group. 

What is included with your registration?

  • Each week you get 4 small-space "mini-courses" that can be run on the same equipment setup. You may use those mini-courses or any other course (including those from Backyard Training Matters) for evaluation. There will be no demonstrations or instructional lessons outside of what might come up in the evaluations.
  • You get your own thread to post videos in. Each week you may post 2 (two) 1-minute-or-less videos of courses or exercises you have run for analysis.

  • After analysis, you may submit a 1-minute follow-up video for further review or to show off your improvement.

  • You can view other students' lessons (hence the name "semi-private").

  • A discussion area where you can discuss agility-related topics with other students.
  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer.
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training.
  • Keep what you buy—No expiring content; after the course ends, you won't be able to ask questions, but the content is still available to you.


These lessons are aimed toward novice, intermediate, and early advanced-level dogs and their handlers. Dogs should be able to safely perform low jumps (or a jump alternative like a hoop or running through jump uprights) and tunnels, and should have been introduced to the table and six weaves to take advantage of all the exercises. If handlers prefer to work with fewer obstacles or just cones, that’s fine. Handlers with dogs whose growth plates have not yet closed should consult a health professional in regards to whether they are ready to jump and weave.

Equipment & space needed

  • 6 jumps (or hoops), a tunnel, a table (or Klimb or other substitute), and 6 weave poles if you want to do the provided course sequences as designed. However, we can work with whatever equipment you have, even if you submit exercises done with just cones.
  • 40' x 60' training space is needed to use the mini-courses as designed. Since the lessons are students-led, however, this is flexible.

How do I access my Learning Center purchase?

After you complete your purchase using your credit card or PayPal, you will receive 2 email confirmations: the first is a receipt acknowledging that your order has been received and the second email contains the link for your Clean Run Learning Center program. Just click on the link in the email to complete enrollment. If you already have a Learning Center account, then you will go directly to your educational program. If you do not, then you will enter your email address and a password to use for this Learning Center program and any future ones your purchase. Please be aware that this is a separate account you are establishing on and it is not the same as your Clean Run website account (although you can use the same email and password for both accounts). 

If you have a Clean Run website account, then you can also access your program at anytime by signing in at and selecting Classes/Webinars from the My Account menu. 

Refund Policy

We offer a 90% refund for the class if you request a cancellation at least 5 days before the class begins AND the Premier spots have not already sold out. If the Premier spots are sold out, we cannot issue a refund unless we fill your spot.

"I am looking forward to some private lessons and the next course. I wish I would have started the video posting earlier. Brenna your reviews were extremely worthwhile!"  —P.W.

"Thanks for all your great feedback; so nice to have an extra watching and let me know the wheres, whats, and whys. It means so much. It’s nice to have it and play back the videos to see what your eye sees. Makes a lot of sense!" —D.B.

"I truly appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions! I have saved your feedback so I can go back and set up the courses again, read your suggestions, and run it again incorporating your suggestions."—C.N.