Slip or Clip Agility Leads - Cosmic Purple

Slip or Clip Agility Leads - Cosmic Purple


$19.99 - $23.99

Just clip or slip! These dual leads convert easily from a snap lead to a slip lead, allowing you to take your dog into the agility ring on a snap lead and take him out on a slip lead rather than trying to put on his collar or harness at the end of the run. Alternatively, if you're using it as a slip lead to take your dog to the line, you just unsnap the clip to release it rather than having to pull the lead over your dog's head.

When you're using it as a slip lead, there's a stop made out of a welded O-ring covered with paracord. In addition, there's an extra O-ring on the handle that you can use if you want to shorten the length of the leash by half for situations where you want to keep your dog close to you; just clip the leash to your dog's collar or harness and then clip in that O-ring on the handle as well.

Slip or Clip Agility leads are 5/8" in diameter and are handmade in Colorado from 6 braided lengths of Military Grade 550 paracord and USA hardware. Paracord is a mold, mildew, and color-fade resistant material. Finished with lightweight and durable hardware.

Your choice of a 4' or 6' length.

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