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Hyper Pet SloDog Slow Feeder Green

Hyper Pet SloDog Slow Feeder Green


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Most dogs will gulp or swallow their meal in seconds as they would in nature as a pack animal. This gulping can create serious medical problems. Extended feeding time aids in the prevention of digestive problems. The Hyper Pet SloDog Slow Feeder plate offers a unique approach for getting your dog to eat more slowly and not gulp their meal.

Most slow feeders work by adding obstructions or maze-like structures. The food can be difficult for the dog to access, plus they also have to "chase" their food to get it, which can cause stress and frustration. SloDog works by providing a very large surface area with lots of small, shallow pockets. You split your dog's meal into multiple mini meals by spreading the measure over the surface.This extends feeding time while still allowing your dog to see all his food and access it easily. Food does not have to be chased, avoiding unnecessary frustration.

The SloDog design is logical and simple, and testing has shown that SloDog can slow your dog’s feeding down from a few seconds to MANY minutes! You can also use the SloDog in place of a LickiMat if you need a stiffer surface than the LickiMat provides.

  • Holds up to 2 cups/ 500ml of dog food. Works best with dry food
  • 10"H x 13.75"L x 1.25"D
  • Suitable for all sized dogs and puppies
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water after every use

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