Snuffle Balls

Snuffle Balls


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Snuffle Balls are excellent for multiple purposes. Our favorite uses are as a canine enrichment tool or for hiding a food reward during training.

  • Foraging for Canine Enrichment: Hide treats or your dog's kibble within the folds of the ball to put your dog's brain and nose to work as they forage through each layer looking for the treats. 
  • Hiding a Training Reward: Hide one or two training treats in the ball and place it in the spot where you want to deliver reinforcement for the exercise.

Note: Do not leave your dog unsupervised with a Snuffle Ball. It is designed as a training aid. Once your dog has snuffled out the treats, remove the ball immediately.

Assorted color combinations and patterns of fleece; please allow us to choose for you. 

You can wash your Snuffle Ball in the washing machine. Use cool water on the gentle cycle with minimal detergent. Let it air dry.  

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