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Social, Civil and Savvy E-book

Social, Civil and Savvy E-book



Subtitle: Training & Socializing Puppies to Become the Best Possible Dogs
Author: Laura VanArendonk Baugh CPDT-KA KPACTP
Length: 160 pages
Release Date: 2017

You want a dog who is confident and happy, able to immediately distinguish between friend and threat, capable of intense focus on her work, and able to relax and play with you when you need some puppy love. But these attributes are not born in our puppies; they are created through proper socialization.

So much can be done in a puppy’s first few months of life to equip them for our human world and expectations. A well-socialized puppy is not only a happier puppy for their own sake but is also a better-mannered and more reliable pet. Learn how to raise a puppy to be:

  • More comfortable and confident
  • Upbeat and bold from family life to excursions to vet clinics
  • Less reactive and excitable
  • A better learner with better memory
  • A more creative thinker and better training partner

This practical approach to socialization, with plenty of detail and easy-to-follow steps, will help you to prepare your puppy for her best approach to life and social success.

Material is included for the older dog as well!

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Social, Civil, and Savvy contains the following chapters and sections:

About this book

Chapter 1: Socialization Is Important—Whatever It Is

  • What Are the Benefits
  • Practical Application
  • Lack of Socialization Is Abuse

Chapter 2: Socialization Periods

  • 3 Weeks Old
  • 7 Weeks Old
  • 8 Weeks Old
  • Second Fear Period

Chapter 3: Basics

  • Targeting
  • Orient to Your Human
  • Recall

Chapter 4: Meeting Humans

  • Humans Don't Meet Puppies, Puppies Meet Humans
  • Polite Greetings
  • Controlling the Situation
  • Breed & Personality Variations
  • Facilitating Introductions

Chapter 5: Meeting Others

  • Leash Guidelines
  • Bailing Out
  • Real-Time Walk-Through of a Greeting
  • And Now, Not Greeting
  • Real-Time Walk-Through of a Not-Greeting
  • Level Up

Chapter 6: Building Confidence

  • Exploration
  • Separation
  • Climbing
  • Touch the Goblin

Chapter 7: Field Trip!

  • Vaccinations
  • Gear
  • Let's Hit the Road
  • Signs of Stress
  • Frequency
  • Take-Out Meals

Chapter 8: Physical Considerations

  • Climbing & Repetitive Exercise

Chapter 9: "It's All in How You Raise Them"

  • Environment and Genes Work Together

Chapter 10: Preventing Resource Guarding

  • Bad Advice
  • Train Your Dog to Love Your Approach

Chapter 11: Often Overlooked

  • Genders, Colors, and Fashion Senses
  • Children
  • Substrates and Surfaces
  • Weather

Chapter 12: Taking Care

Chapter 13: Acquiring a Puppy

Chapter 14: It's Cool


  • Puppy Gear
  • Fitting Collars
  • More Training Resources
  • Socialization Checklist


About the Author