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Tubtrug, 4 Gallons - Small Shallow, SP15

Tubtrug, 4 Gallons - Small Shallow, SP15


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Used by people the world over, Tubtrugs are built to last—two extremely strong handles and a flexible body make handling a Tubtrug much easier than any average bucket or tub. These useful containers are perfect for hauling and storing stuff. And, since they are food-grade certified, they're also very useful as water buckets or basins for dogs. It's even big enough to be a portable pool for small dogs.

The small shallow sized Tubtrug holds 15 liters (approximately 4 gallons). It is 15" in diameter and 6.5" high, and weighs 15.3 oz.

  • 15 liters / 4 gallons
  • 100% food-grade plastic
  • Frost & UV resistant
  • Flexible yet very, very strong

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