Success with One Jump 2-DVD Set

Success with One Jump 2-DVD Set


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Author: Susan Garrett
Format: DVD, 2 discs, NTSC format
Running Time: 2 hours, 6 minutes
Release Date: 2006

It's finally here—a video that gives you all the tools to improve your skills as a handler, regardless of the size of your backyard! Success with One Jump is a 2 DVD set that gives clear instruction on more than 20 exercises that will help improve your dog's understanding of the key handling maneuvers in agility, from a simple front cross to a more complex pull-through to distance skills. This video is a must-have for the seasoned competitor and novice handler alike.

About the Author
Susan Garrett's interest in animal

e.behavior started at the University of Guelph where she earned a BSc in Animal Science. Since then she has developed into a pre-eminent canine sports instructor and competitor. Each dog Susan has competed with in agility has made at least one appearance in the finals of a national event. In total, her dogs have over 50 top ten placements at national agility championships including 13 first-place finishes. Susan and her dog, DeCaff, won the Gold Medal in both the Individual All Round Championship and the Biatholon Event at the 2006 IFCS World Championships.

"I finished watching the new one jump training DVD a couple of days ago and have been busy training it. Please make more DVDs! I learned more about handling from this DVD than I have in over two years of agility lessons! Please continue to help those of us who don't live near excellent trainers and have to figure out a lot on our own! And thank you so much for this DVD!" —Nita Gandara

"I just finished watching this DVD. In my opinion it is an absolute must-have for agility trainers. Just telling you how good it is does not begin to justify how valuable this DVD will be to help everyone have success with their dogs. It is very well done, and is full of great information as well as fantastic advice on what and how to train. I can't say enough good about it!"  —Shannen Jorgensen, Right on Target Agility Training, Canada

"I consider this DVD an excellent investment in my and my dog's training. I will watch them many, many times and practise the exercises with my young dog whose training I just started, as well with my two older dogs who are already competing. I was already a fan of Shaping Success and the DVD complements the book nicely. I hope there will be more."  —Gisela Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

"The video is well organized and easy to understand. It is packed full of information, with almost no "fluff" that you sometimes see in other training videos. I have watched it about a dozen times now, and I pick up on new stuff every time I watch it. I'm starting to take notes now, to help me remember all the exercises. It's a great value, and I highly recommend it."  —Kathy

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