Successful Start Lines: Training for the Release - Standard Registration

Lisa Schmit

6-week online course starts June 1

Successful Start Lines: Training for the Release - Standard Registration


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Class has started, but it's not too late to join in! You will be able to see all of the lessons regardless of when you enroll.

Do you feel frazzled or rushed at the start line because your dog won't stay reliably? Does your dog disconnect from you at the start line because of what's happening outside the ring? Or do you just need to train a start-line stay from scratch so that you can make good use of the advantages a lead-out can offer?

In the "Successful Start Lines" course, you will learn how to train and maintain a calm, confident, and connected start line, as well as how to develop start-line routines that keep your dog focused. Before long, you'll be able to walk into the ring with a connected dog and lead out with confidence, even when there are big distractions.

It's not about the stay! Lisa has a different philosophy when training start lines. She doesn't train for the stay, she trains the release. Focusing on the release is key to creating dogs that

  • Are calm and connected with you at the start line
  • Stay until verbally released
  • Charge off the start line with confidence

You will learn Lisa's step-by-step methodology for training start lines, proofing the behavior, and developing pre-run routines. Lisa will share videos of her young dog as well as advanced dogs to show you real-time training and how to handle training challenges. She will also go over the various reasons that dogs break. It can be as simple as inconsistent cues to over the top or stress dogs. What happens outside the ring can be just as important as what goes on inside the ring and Lisa will share her pre-run routines and tips she uses to keep her dogs connected with her as she waits her turn outside the ring to walking into the ring with a confident connected dog. 

What is included with your Standard registration?

  • 6 weeks of written lectures and video instruction plus bonus material. The lessons are released all at once so that you can proceed at your own pace.
  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training
  • Ability to participate in discussions and watch all posted videos
  • Keep what you buy—No expiring content; after the course ends, you won't be able to ask questions, but the content is still available to you

NOTE: If you would like to be able to submit videos of your dog working on the homework as well as ask specific questions about your dog and his progress, you should sign up for the Premier registration.


No skills are necessary. Dogs can participate at any age. 

Equipment and space needed

  • No equipment is needed except for one lesson that uses a hoop or jump and a tunnel
  • Most of the training can be done in a small area

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Refund Policy

We offer a 90% refund for the class if you request a cancellation at least 5 days before the class begins. There are no refunds once the course has started.

We suggest that you read the information provided carefully before making your purchase. If you have any questions about whether the content is right for you, please email us.

Lisa is the owner of In The Zone, LLC. She is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, member of Bobbie Lyon’s K9 Fit Team, and Certified Pet Massage Practitioner. Lisa is one of the most accomplished handlers in NADAC. Her consistent, clear positive approach to dog training is evident with her continued success with multiple dogs. She has been doing agility for over 20 years. She offers agility, conditioning, and massage seminars across the continent. Lisa teaches many agility and fitness online classes, as well as putting on about 12 NADAC trials a year. Lisa has come home from the NADAC Championships with 10 trophies with 5 different dogs. She has finished in the Overall Top 3 at the NADAC Champs 22 times with 9 different dogs including her Brittany and Aussie. Tandem, JP7, and Revolution earned the coveted Purple MODSQUAD award—Master of Distance and Speed which requires high-level distance handling and speed. Less than 25 dogs in the world have this award and Lisa has three of them. JP7 and Tandem have also earned the Distance Cup Award. Recently Tandem achieved the Silver Versatility Distance Cup and JP7 earned the Purple Distance Cup - fewer than 10 dogs in the world have won each of these awards! Nine of her dogs have over 175 NATCHES, with over 45 Speed Stars. Eight of her dogs have almost 200 Bonus Runs (requires big distance skills). Her dogs are consistently in the Top 10 every year and in most categories in the NADAC Hall of Fame.