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The 10-Minute Trainer E-Book

The 10-Minute Trainer E-Book



Author: Daisy Peel
Length: 71 pages, 8.5" x 11"
Release Date: 2016

If you’re one of those people who, while at work all day, dreams about what you will do with your dogs when you get home, only to find that the time you had slips away from you between chores, children, spouses, and the other little necessities of life, then you’re not alone! In this book, following the Bob Bailey motto of “Think, Plan, Do,” Daisy outlines plans for skills that you can train in 10 minutes or less, so you can find the time you didn’t think you had to train your dogs.

This E-book is a compilation of articles that Daisy Peel wrote for Clean Run magazine. It includes work on a variety of handling skills, course memorization skills, and dog skills:

  • Using Primarily Your Subconscious Mind to Handle
  • Tunnels that Curve Away from You
  • Sharpening Your Side Cues
  • Understanding of Location Cues
  • Working on the Table
  • Practicing Post Turns
  • Weaving Games
  • Collection Cues
  • Pushing to the Backside of a Jump 
  • Keeping a Dog Engaged While Waiting Your Turn
  • Practicing Where You Need to be Looking on Course
  • Handling Opening Sequences without a Start-Line Stay
  • Learning to “Sight-Read” a Course
  • Rear Crosses
  • More on Rear Crosses
  • Sharpening Parallel and Perpendicular Jumping Skills
  • Cavaletti Training
  • Pulling the Dog Past One End of the Tunnel to Go to the Other
  • What Is Your Dog’s Blind Cross Turning Radius?
  • Handling Your Dog Between the Obstacles
  • Teaching Your Dog to Turn Away from You and Circle a Post
  • Chute Training
  • Spread Jump Challenges
  • Making Your Cues Look and Sound Different

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