The Complete Guide to Mark Training

Dev Sperber

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The Complete Guide to Mark Training


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You asked for it and here it is! The Complete Guide to Mark Training is a comprehensive course that provides step-by-step instructions and videos on how to get started, progress, and use mark training in your dog’s agility training and day-to-day life. This course is appropriate for new trainers, experienced trainers, puppies, and dogs of all ages.

You'll learn how to use mark training to improve your dog's

  • Focus, confidence, and speed: If your dog stresses down, worries, is easily distracted, or performs better in practice than at trials, mark training can improve their focus, confidence, and speed. 
  • Impulse control: If your dog stresses up or becomes overaroused, mark training can teach your dog how to balance high levels of enthusiasm with just enough impulse control to keep him teetering on the edge of "EPIC-ness" (Enthusiasm Plus Impulse Control). 

You'll learn how to teach your dog important agility skills such as

  • Distance skills for Gamblers and for handlers who can't keep up with their dogs
  • Forward focus and commitment to the path ahead even when you fall behind
  • Super happy start-line stays
  • Independent contact performance
  • Independent weave pole entries and how to stay in the poles no matter what comes next
  • How to collect by weight-shifting back which will improve your dog's physical ability to collect for weave pole entries, stopped contacts, and jumping.

You'll also discover how mark training can be use to help

  • Solve perplexing behavior and performance problems by exposing the root causes of the problem
  • Deepen the connection between you and your dog by creating brief pauses during training which makes it easy for you to notice your dog's ever-changing emotional state (expressed through body language). This makes it possible for you to capture and shape positive emotional states that you dog associates with mark training and you!

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Equipment needed

  • Treats
  • 3 Mark Buckets

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Devorah (Dev) Sperber is the founder of OCEAN4Dogs, an online community and learning space where Simple Actions, such as Mark Training, Lead to Astonishing Outcomes. OCEAN is an acronym: Observe your Dog, Connect with Compassion, Engagement with Joy, Attitude before Anything, and Never Stop Learning...about your dog and yourself. 

OCEAN is based on the premise: When communication flows freely and equally in both directions, dog-training becomes a shared language between dogs and humans. 

Whether coaching remotely through Ocean4dogs or in-person at Marin Humane in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dev is passionate about teaching people how to fine-tune their "eye" to improve 2-way communication with their dogs, so they can experience happier, more satisfying training experiences, improved performance, and a deeper connection. While many of her students are involved in agility, Devorah's dog training background includes Freestyle solo and brace work and Search and Rescue.

Devorah currently competes in agility at the Masters level with Australian Terrier, Lil and Border Collie, Takoda. Lil’s accomplishments include 12 agility championship titles, two national event wins, and she competed twice in the big distance Stakes Division at NADAC Championships, a rarity for a mini dog. Takoda has earned multiple championship titles in NADAC and USDAA with more on the way.

In addition to being insanely passionate about dogs and dog-training, Dev has had a successful international art career through which she has explored the art and science of SEEING for over 30 years -

"Adding Mark Training to my agility toolbox has been a transformative experience. This simple training technique has been useful for all three of my wildly different dogs. My sensitive Border Whippet needs very fine behavior slices as he feels most comfortable with a methodical "error-free" training plan, while the buckets have provided handling clarity for my rocket ship Tervuren who stresses up with late cues. Finally, the simplicity of Mark Training has made foundation training much easier for the puppy as we could focus on the relevant behavior. However, the intangibles may prove to be even more beneficial as OCEAN has subtly altered my thinking and training. As a goal-oriented trainer, it proved fruitful to reexamine my priorities. And, they have been found wanting. OCEAN has moved my dogs' emotional and mental needs to the forefront of thinking without sacrificing any of my goals. I am on a more harmonious and intuitive path." —Dawn Kovell, Director of Behavior & Training at Marin Humane

"My dog Echo has always been supersonic fast and just could never seem to learn collection well. But I have seen a HUGE difference in her since doing more Mark Training and as a result of progressing through OCEAN Foundations. Echo had been Mark Trained since puppyhood, but not to the extent that we have worked it now. It has made a world of difference and she has finally, after 5 years of struggle, learned how to collect, be more focused, watch me better instead of taking her own course at break neck speed. OCEAN has also changed Echo's demeanor in the house with the other dogs; she is happier, less stressed and more confident!"  —Heather Harris, Colorado

"I introduced Mark Training to a very low drive Border Collie and her owner in their lesson this morning. Both the dog and owner loved it! The owner was very happy with her dog's energy and engagement especially when her dog maintained that energy throughout the whole lesson. The dog even did happy feet on the bowl and wagged her tail the whole time. It was great to see this dog so happy and engaged." —Kathleen Alles, Heart Dog Agility, California

"I've been training 2 front feet on mark buckets with Diamond (BC) & Polly (WCS 13 months) for a while, and they can stay on their buckets whilst I move one dog from one mark bucket to another etc. Today I walked them both together. This is the 1st time I've walked them together as Diamond is reactive & Polly is coming up to 1st season so a bit edgy. They were both amazing, Diamond was calm & not at all anxious - normally bothered by any vehicle bigger than a car, buses the worst. Polly was full of beans to start with but settled down well. Excellent recalls from both. This was massive for me, so pleased with our progress." —Karen Cornwall, United Kingdom