The Importance of Jumping Mechanics & A Method for Teaching Them

Susan Salo

On-Demand Webinar

The Importance of Jumping Mechanics & A Method for Teaching Them


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Path? Distance? Height? Weight transfer? Elevation? To successfully clear a jump, these are the questions a dog must have the answers to at the same speed the dog is traveling toward the jump in his path.

While watching gymnastics, you see the athlete run at speed along a path and then set to jump with both feet and legs leaving the ground equally to perform the vault. Should gymnasts leave the ground with their weight unequally distributed, they would fail to meet the intended goal. The entire jumping process requires the athlete, human or animal, to have a good understanding of the mechanics of the jumping process for flight to be smooth and efficient.

Many dogs are not naturally gifted jumpers. If you don't have a methodology for teaching the dog the mechanical skills for jumping, you "get what you get" each weekend. The dog's jumping may be brilliant sometimes and awful other times. Or the dog may never jump with complete confidence because you have no way of telling the dog which jumping performance you like. A jumping methodology gives you a way to build value for the jump itself and lets the dog know when he is jumping correctly. With a specific method for teaching jumping, all dogs can learn to jump more efficiently and with more confidence as they learn how to make their bodies work for them while jumping.

During the 41-minute recorded lecture, Susan discusses the challenges a dog faces while jumping, how handler motion affects the jumping process, and how a jumping methodology like her gridwork program allows dogs to learn the necessary mechanics. This is a general discussion of the complexity of the jumping effort and why jumping mechanics need to be taught in a systematic way; it does not go into the specifics of teaching the grids.

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Susan Salo is a lifelong equestrian and has ridden hunters and jumpers since childhood. Susan has ridden for many years with some of the nation's most noted horsemen including Gene Lewis, George Morris, and the late Jimmy Williams, and has competed throughout the United States and Canada. Turning professional, she moved to the East and spent 16 years between New Hampshire and Virginia helping clients achieve their goals. Susan brings over 35 years of experience from the world of show jumping.

Susan brings her extensive experience of combining speed with jumping to the sport of agility. She offers a unique perspective and knowledge of the mechanical aspects of jumping which when properly applied can create muscle memory and balance for the canine athlete. Not to be confused with a handling seminar, her lessons and workshops focus entirely on the dog and build better jumping skills and instill more confidence and speed. Training with Susan is an opportunity for you to develop your "eye" and witness your dog learning about balance, striding, and scope until jumping becomes effortless.

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