The Jokers Notebook: A Year-Long Foundation Course for Independent Obstacle Performance - Standard Registration

Bud Houston

12-month instructor-guided course starts June 7

The Jokers Notebook: A Year-Long Foundation Course for Independent Obstacle Performance - Standard Registration


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The Jokers Notebook is a training program that introduces step-by-step methods and video examples for teaching an agility dog to perform obstacles independently at a distance from the handler. This is a "from the ground up" program suitable for dogs with no agility experience, but it is also applicable to dogs whose foundation training did not create the confidence and understanding needed to work at a distance. It addresses many aspects of agility, including obstacle training as well as handling skills. The Jokers Notebook is a thorough training program created by agility pioneer Bud Houston, who kept in mind highly competitive handlers as well as those who need distance work due to mobility challenges in this 40-module program.

The Jokers Notebook, named for the distance portion of Gamblers courses which was often referred to as "the Joker," is set up for those who can train 5-10 minutes each day. Mealtime training is encouraged. Of course, those who can't train daily are also welcome, and can take advantage of the extra time at the end of the course to catch up - this 40-module program runs for an entire year. And because the course is available indefinitely, the material is always accessible for those who move at a slower pace.

NOTE: If you join the class after the June 7 start date, you will have access to all previously-released material. 

What is included with your Standard registration?

  • 40 lessons with written lectures and video instruction, and 52 weeks to ask questions
  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training
  • Ability to ask questions, participate in discussions, and watch all posted videos.
  • Keep what you buy—No expiring content; after the course ends, you won't be able to ask questions, but the content is still available to you
  • NOTE: If you would like to be able to submit videos of your dog working on the homework exercises for the instructor to evaluate, you should sign up for the Premier registration.


The Jokers Notebook training methods are ideal for a dog in his first year of life; however, this program is also practical and effective for more experienced dogs who need to learn how to work at a distance.

Equipment and space needed

This course addresses many aspects of agility, including obstacle training as well as handling skills. If you have 4 jumps and a plank or contact trainer of some kind you can do much of the coursework. If you can arrange access to the weave poles and full-sized equipment when you are ready, then you can take advantage of the rest of the course material. Most of the exercises are about specific skills, and you may substitute obstacles used in developing those skills. The instructor can help with ideas for substitutions.

How do I access my Learning Center purchase?

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Refund Policy

We offer a 90% refund for the class if you request a cancellation at least 5 days before the class begins. There are no refunds once the course has started.

We suggest that you read the information provided carefully before making your purchase. If you have any questions about whether the content is right for you, please email us.