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Therapeutic Agility E-Book

Therapeutic Agility E-Book



Subtitle: Specialized Agility Instruction for Fearful, Reactive or Distracted Dogs
Author: Michele Godlevski CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CC, BS; Mike Wallace M.Ed., CC; Mandy Baker CPDT-KA, CBATI; Jackie Wright-Minogue MS; Melissa Ellis CPDT-KA; and Lauren Fox CPDT-KA, BA
Length: 100 pages
Release Date: December 2012

Learning how to navigate agility obstacles as a team can build a dog's confidence in his handler as well as the world around him. However, taking a fearful or reactive dog through a regular group agility class can make the problem worse rather than better. Therapeutic Agility is a new concept in the dog training world. The idea is to use the activity of dog agility as a positive outlet for fearful, reactive, or distracted dogs. The dog is set up for success and kept below threshold in a state where he is able to make good decisions. Much like play therapy for children, this method has created many success stories and is a unique approach to agility instruction.

The Therapeutic Agility book is a collection of articles and presentations from the Therapeutic Agility Summit held in November 2012. It covers ways to use agility to help rehabilitate aggression, fear, and other issues, including excellent tips for promoting your classes, case studies, rehabilitation ideas, and a great explanation of the Virtual Agility League.

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Therapeutic Agility Training for the Fearful, Reactive, or Highly Distracted Dog: Inspiration, Concept and Rationale

Suggested Pre-Requisite Behavior Modification Classes

The Role of Behavioral Adjustment Training and Control Unleashed Techniques for the Therapeutic Agility Dog

The Importance of Relationship-Building with a Fearful or Reactive Dog

Therapeutic Agiilty Class at Teamworks Dog Training: Setting Goals & Techniques Used

Techniques from the Feisty Agility Class at St. Hubert's

The Virtual Agility League Program and Its Merits for Distraction-Training the Agility Dog

Case Studies


  • Complementary Therapies for Reactive and Fearful Dogs
  • Online Resources