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Tick Ease Tick Removal Tool

Tick Ease Tick Removal Tool


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Prompt and complete removal of engorged ticks is vital to avoiding tick-borne diseases. Tick Ease tweezers were designed specifically to comply with Center for Disease Control) guidelines which recommend the use of  "fine-tipped" or "pointy" tweezers for the proper and effective removal of ticks on humans. Using household tweezers increases the chance of tearing the tick or missing embedded parts.

Tick Ease is the only dual-tipped tick removal tool available:

  • Thin tip tweezers for people: The fine-tipped, pointy tweezer end will remove even the tiniest tick nymphs from people.
  • Slotted scoop for dogs: The slotted scoop end is designed for removing ticks of all sizes, types, and levels of engorgement from dogs.

The Tick Ease is made from durable stainless steel so it can withstand the heat of an autoclave for sterilization. It is 5-3/8" long.

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