Toppa Pomppa Insulated Dog Coats - Discontinued Colors

Toppa Pomppa Insulated Dog Coats - Discontinued Colors


Kartta (inspired from Finnish Forests and maps)

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The Toppa Pomppa is a thick and warm dog coat for freezing temperatures. Its waterproof outer layer, soft and anti-static teddy lining, and well-insulating filling keeps the dog warm even in the coldest weather conditions. The coat is designed to cover the large and important muscle groups efficiently. Due to the generous sizing and the large rear piece, the coat is also suitable to be used as a warming layer during downtime between performances.

This stylish and excellently made dog coat from Finland allows your dog to move freely without any restrictions. The front slit allows the dog to move his front legs with no restrictions. The large collar opening allows the dog to move his head freely from side to side. The coat retains it shape and placement even if the dog lowers its head to the ground. The snugly fitting belt holds the coat in place and collects the hem neatly away from the dog’s legs. The dog can also wag and carry its tail completely free due to the tail slit at the back.

The Toppa Pompaa is carefully crafted with an extra layer of insulation to keep the warmth in and the cold out even in artic temperatures.

  • Doesn’t restrict natural movement
  • Covers and protects neck and all major muscles
  • Tail slit for natural tail movement
  • No elasticized leg bands
  • Snug fitting belt holds coat in place
  • Leash hole
  • Reflectors ensure your dog is seen in low-light conditions
  • Curved buckle

What size coat does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog: Pomppa coats are sized according to the length of the dog’s back. The size should never be smaller than the length of the back you measure. However, depending on the dog’s proportions and amount of fur, the correct size may be larger than the size of the back.

Choosing the right size also depends on the intended use of the coat. When choosing a coat for active outdoor use, it is important to choose the size that fits well on the waist. For slower activities and waiting in the car or crate, the coat can be a bit bigger. If you are still uncertain of sizing, please call or email us for assistance.

Note: The sizing for the Toppa Pomppa is different than it is for any of the other Pomppa coats.

1. Back Length - Be sure that your dog is standing squarely, with head up, and is looking straight ahead. Following the contour of the dog's back closely, measure from the dog's neck at the point where it joins his shoulders to the base of his tail (the point where the tail joins the body).

2. Not used for Toppa Pomppa

3. Chest - The circumference of the chest is measured at the widest point of the dog’s chest.

4. Waist - The circumference of the waist is measured behind the chest from the narrowest point of the dog.




Size Back Length Chest Waist
25 cm 9.84" to 10.62"
(25-27 cm)
11" to 16.14"
(28-41 cm)
14.56" to 16.14"
(37-41 cm)
28 cm 11" to 11.81"
(28-30 cm)
12.20" to 18.11"
(31-46 cm)
15.75" to 18.11"
(40-46 cm)
31 cm 12.20" to 13"
(31-33 cm)
13.77" to 20.07"
(35-51 cm)
16.53" to 20.07"
(42-51 cm)
34 cm 13.38" to 14.17"
(34-36 cm)
14.96" to 22.04"
(38-56 cm)
17.71" to 22.04"
(45-56 cm)
37 cm 14.56" to 15.35"
(37-39 cm)
15.75" to 24"
(40-61 cm)
18.50" to 24"
(47-61 cm)
40 cm 15.75" to 16.92"
(40-43 cm)
16.92" to 25.98"
(43-66 cm)
19.29" to 25.98"
(49-66 cm)
44 cm 17.32" to 18.5"
(44-47 cm)
18.11" to 27.95"
(46-71 cm)
20.47" to 27.95"
(52-71 cm)
48 cm 18.89" to 20.07"
(48-51 cm)
18.89" to 30.31"
(48-77 cm)
21.25" to 30.31"
(54-77 cm)
52 cm 20.47" to 21.65"
(52-55 cm)
20.07" to 32.67"
(51-83 cm)
22.44" to 32.67"
(57-83 cm)
56 cm 22" to 23.22"
(56-59 cm)
20.86" to 35.03"
(53-89 cm)
23.22" to 35.03"
(59-89 cm)
60 cm 23.62" to 25"
(60-64 cm)
22" to 37.40"
(56-95 cm)
24.40" to 36.22"
(62-92 cm)
65 cm 25.59" to 27.16"
(65-69 cm)
23.62" to 39.76"
(60-101 cm)
25.59" to 37.79"
(65-96 cm)



Maintaining and taking care of the product properly will increase its lifetime. Always follow the washing instructions found on the label inside the jacket. Wash the product at 30°C using a delicate cycle. Avoid using any fabric softeners or bleach. Do not spin-dry or iron the product.

Avoid any unnecessary washing. Aside from high water consumption, washing will wear out the fabric and its coating. If there’s no visible dirt or debris, try to air out the product in a well-ventilated area or try placing it in the freezer to get rid of any possible odors.


The jackets have a waterproof outer layer, which has also been treated with a water-repellent coating. After several washes, the water-repellent coating may weaken, but despite of this, the fabric is still 100 % waterproof. The jacket can be recoated with a water-repellent spray available from outdoor supply stores.

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No static electricity!
Your dog is sees colors differently - they don't care what color you get. They *will* care that this coat is easy to get on / off, doesn't shock them when the humidity drops, they can be seen when night-time comes in the middle of the afternoon ... my flat coated dog lived in this during her winter in Northern Illinois. Washed well.
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